5 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Famous Pilgrimage in Spain


Have you ever wanted to visit a European country? Some people want to travel to Great Britain or France or Germany. They each hold their own beauty and experience. These places are most definitely worth going to, but the one country everyone needs to go to is Spain. Visiting Spain is already on many people’s bucket lists for one reason or another. If you’re planning a trip to Spain, then it’s a must to go on the famous pilgrimage there.

Santiago is one of the best places to visit, but the journey there is truly what takes the cake. Look no further if you want the most awe inspiring journey of a lifetime. Some visit for religious or spiritual reason. Others want to have an authentic experience while vacationing and/or touring. It’s a truly one of a kind experience you can’t beat.

Not enough to convince you? Don’t worry, we have plenty of reason behind such bold claims. You won’t believe all the interest behind the famous pilgrimage.

1. History & Scenery

Along the paths leading to Santiago are beautifully constructed churches and naturally made scenery from a time long before our modern era. Nothing beats the unique architecture of all the buildings and unique landscapes. There are other breathtaking historical monuments and landmarks you’ll get to see for yourself along the way as well. You’ll discover just how the culture of the people living here have shaped the area into the popular pilgrimage it is today.

Depending on what path you’ll take, you’ll see a variety of different landscapes. Anything from the cooling coasts to the harmonious hillsides can be experienced on your pilgrimage. Nothing can be as amazing as having the opportunity to learn about all these different landscapes in one place. Back in school, many of us were almost bored to the point of sleep during a history lesson. We always wished learning about history wasn’t so bland because we know there’s beauty in it not being presented. Never has learning about history been more beautiful and interesting.

2. Walking & Exercise

What better way to stay in shape while on vacation than incorporating some exercise into your sightseeing? All the walking is a lightweight and long lasting exercise perfect when enjoying your stay. And all that gorgeous architecture and scenery makes the experience more enjoyable than just going to the hotel gym for an hour. Besides, does anybody really want to work while on vacation? No! We visit other places to take a break from our everyday life.

This journey does incorporate a monotonous part of everyday life into your vacation, but with a revitalized meaning. It’ll be impossible to get lost on the trails and as they’re fit for everyone to follow. Adding to the experience is an invigorating workout that doesn’t feel like one. Whether you don’t walk very often or you exercise every day, this will be a satisfying walk you’ll never forget.

3. Spirituality & Religion

Some people have a strong connection to the paths to Santiago for spiritual reasons. Sometimes they’ll go to strengthen their connection with God or as a way to gain forgiveness for past sins. Others have taken the pilgrimage to heal wounds caused on a spiritual level as well. People are sacrificing something important to them as a way to connect to something on a spiritual level for many reasons. Regardless of your beliefs, this pilgrimage is ideal for becoming at peace with yourself, nature, or even a higher power. Don’t be afraid to rejuvenate your life into something meaningful again if you feel you’ve lost your way.

4. Family & Friends

It’s not uncommon to be travelling with friends or family, so be sure you all experience this pilgrimage together! You’ll all bond over the amazing scenery and learn the history of the area. No matter the age of you or your family members, it’s accessible to just about everyone. You’ll also meet new people on your journey and make lifelong acquaintances.

There’s no reason not to meet others travelling the same path as you as they’re there to experience something similar to what you are. Take this time to get closer to the people you care about and love. You never know how much can be improved in your relationships with your family or how important a new friendship will be in your life.

5. The Different Paths

There are so many different paths you can take on your pilgrimage. Alone, with friends or family, you’ll get to choose which path you want to experience. Already traveled one way? Follow a different path to Santiago for a whole new experience. Whichever one you choose to start off with, you will never be disappointed. Bringing in everything we’ve discussed, there’s no wrong way to go.

Maybe you need to go on a self discovery journey, so you choose one path to help with that. Afterwards, you can always take another path to enjoy with family and learn new things, none of you ever knew before. If you have trouble figuring out which to take, do a little research first on a Santiago Ways english site to decide which interests you most. No matter where you begin, you’ll always end up in the amazing Santiago with newly revived life.

Nothing can ever beat a new experience that’ll change your life forever. Anyone can go for any reason and that’s one of the most beautiful things about this journey. This is why many people choose to go on the famous pilgrimage to Santiago in Spain. Who wouldn’t want to create possibly life changing experiences? Leaving your comfort zone is essential for your health. Even though many people will do this, each person’s experience will be unique to them.

We all deserve to treat ourselves and this is one of the best ways to do so. Spain is already a fantastic, beautiful country to visit; why doesn’t make it even more memorable? It’s a major loss to not go with the experience of a lifetime. Don’t let the opportunity slip right past you. Going to Spain anytime soon? Add this to your itinerary. Plan on going to Spain someday? Leave yourself a note about taking this pilgrimage so you’ll remember to incorporate this into your travel plans.