5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Malaysia as Your Ultimate Outdoor Vacation Destination


Deciding a destination for your outdoor vacation can be difficult because there are so many places you can go to. Whether you want to keep it simple and go on a camping trip or take up a notch and shoot for something more extravagant, choosing where to spend your vacation time takes careful research.

Malaysia is a great destination for those looking for a little more out of their getaway. With beautiful beaches, unique wildlife and wild jungles, this country is a gold mine for those interested in nature. It is also for those who want to explore new cultures and cities due to its diversity and traditions. Architecture stands out when you go to the cities as they are majorly modern with contemporary skyscrapers. With the consistent warm weather, you can take a vacation anytime during the year.

Keep in mind the tips that will help you on your trip to Malaysia. Be prepared for what you will need and the precautions you should take as well. Don’t go to a new country blindly and do your thorough research.

  • Thrilling Outdoor Activities

Although tourism is mainly focused on food and diversity, the number of activities available in Malaysia that revolve around nature and the outdoors are countless. The most popular outdoor activity is hiking and in this country, there are a number of hiking places that you will enjoy. Trek throughout Kinabalu Mountain and experience the different elevations as you spend a couple of days hiking the many trails. The adventurous activities to do in Malaysia aren’t limited to just hiking, though.

Try diving into the deep blue waters at the Malaysian Borneo’s Sipidan. As one of the best diving sites in the world, you’ll get to experience the turtles, fish and even sharks. Explore the caves of this country and witness historical elements like remnants of old boats and ancient wall paintings at the Painted Cove, or see what human settlement was like long ago when you visit the Great Cave.

Take ATVs through the rainforest, bungee jump into the deep lagoon, or go flyboarding to experience what it may feel like to fly. The activities Malaysia has to offer for outdoor lovers is endless.

Other thrilling activities offered in Malaysia:

  • White water rafting
  • Ziplining
  • Parasailing
  • Cycling
  • Snorkeling
  • Microlight
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Helicopter sightseeing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Culture Emersion

Dive into the variety of cultures Malaysia has to offer when you explore the cities and towns. The culture of this country is the main attraction to tourists as there is a combination of both Chinese and Indian culture. Malaysia has located between these countries and you can feel their influences throughout the cuisine and music to landscaping. They live in harmony with the indigenous people of Malaysia, known as the Orang Asli people.

There are people from all over the world that reside in this country and contribute to the vibrant mixture of people and all contribute to its colorful culture and heritage. With multiple languages spoken, there won’t be an issue finding someone that speaks English or your preferred language. A large population of Malaysia speak English and majorly Manglish which is a combination of Malay or Chinese influence.

Explore the bright Chinatowns of Malaysia and experience the Chinese culture first hand. If this culture fascinates you try to visit the 200-year-old Kuan Yin Teng Temple or revel in the street cuisine.

  • Incredible Cuisine

Another main attraction to Malaysia that draws tourists in is the food! With the variety of cuisine types and mixtures of ambiance, you can experience something you may need to change the way you think about food. From Chinese noodles to Indian flatbreads, you can taste the culture that bleeds from this beautiful country. Try the Indonesian satay which is made up of rice, dumplings, and soup full of spices to shock your taste buds in a good way.

Tropical fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are the focus of the cuisine in Malaysia. With influences from it’s surrounding countries the majority of the food includes some kind of spice, so if you enjoy spicy foods, you’ll enjoy the cuisine.

  • Luxury Resorts

Malaysia is full of beautiful and luxurious resorts that will make you feel special and relaxed while spending time in a foreign country. Where you want to be located determines which resort you’ll have access to. If you would like to have an elegant spa pool on your balcony, shoot for Shangri-la Rasa Ris Resort in Kota Kinabalu or if you want to spend your time with your partner and keep the romance try the Bunga Raya’s Treehouse Villa.

Visit the green tea plantations in Kuala Lumpur and experience the British colonizers’ creation of the hill stations when you stay at the beautiful Cameron Highlands Resort. To be closer to the beach and have a wonderful view of the ocean from your room, book your stay at the Casa Del Mar to enjoy the Mediterranean style of life.

Experience the Borneo rainforest when you choose to stay in the lodges within the Danum Valley. Explore the forests and get the opportunity to witness the natural habitat of endangered Orangutan, gibbons, monkeys, and Borneo elephants.

  • Exotic Wildlife

The wildlife of Malaysia stands out as one of the most conserved wildlife and is an attraction of tourists and researchers. With millions of years old rainforests that have been untouched and miles and miles of sea, there are countless amounts of species that you will appreciate. There are numbers of special tours that will take you through the forests and allow you to see all kinds of wildlife, even endangered ones. From small insects to large cats, Malaysia is home to impressionable nature.

A major goal in Malaysia is to preserve and conserve the wildlife as it is sacred to their culture and to the land itself. They do well in keeping certain rainforests untouched and allow room for tourists to experience this special wildlife.