5 Recipes for every taste


If you love cooking then you probably love to try new recipes all the time. So, today we decided to spice up your recipe jar with five more recipes. These recipes are the key to making some delicious food that your friends and family will definitely approve.

The five delicious recipes that we have picked for you today are an Eggplant Involtini, Mexican Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa & Black Beans, Funky Chicken with Sesame Noodles, Shrimp, Feta and Fresh Herb Mac and Cheese, and Jalapeño Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken. Scroll down to find a photo collection of these recipes, so that you can see how they should look if you decide to prepare them. Follow the links under the pictures to get to the full recipes. Enjoy in preparing these delicious recipes and stay up to date with us to find other recipes too, so that you can surprise your family and friends with your cooking skills!

1. Eggplant Involtini


Recipe on: Alexandra cooks 

2. Mexican Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa & Black Beans

Recipe on: on levely life

3. Funky Chicken with Sesame Noodles

Recipe on: tharntany petruce

4. Shrimp, Feta and Fresh Herb Mac and Cheese

shrimp, feta and fresh herb mac and cheese

Recipe on: annies eat

5. Jalapeño Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

recipe on www.pipandebby.com