5 Romantic Things to Do in Sicily


Sicily is Italy’s Wild West: it is or course recognisably Italian but it’s different, very different, it’s edgy, exciting and very romantic.  There’s the sleeping giant, volcanic Mount Etna, the hunched brooding presence of which glowers over the eastern coast of the island, there are the most beautiful roads you’ll ever drive, there are gorgeous hilltop villages where, in the heat of midday, not a soul stirs and there’s a wealth of beautiful buildings in almost every architectural style since the ancient Greeks. Here are five romantic things to do whilst you’re there.

Stay Somewhere Memorable

The distances between places in Sicily may not seem great and there are some impressively big, fast roads but for the most part, travel on its exquisite winding roads is slow, so it’s worth considering carefully where you want to stay on the island.  Mrs and Mrs Smith have a selection of handpicked romantic hotels or if you prefer more privacy you might consider a private rental in somewhere idyllic like the historic hill top town of Taormina.

Take a Food Tour

Sicilian food uses fresh local ingredients of a quality way beyond anything you’ll find in a supermarket, you’ll also find that you are eating it in the most romantic locations, so why not become better acquainted with one of the delights of the island by taking a food tour.  

There’s a wide range of tours on offer: if you’re based in the island’s capital, Palermo, why not opt for a street food walking tour of the city.  In the company of a local expert you’ll learn about the history of the city, visit the outdoor markets and sample a delicious variety of street food such as panelle (chickpea fritters) and arancine (deep fried rice balls).  

If you’re based on the other side of the island you might opt for a cookery class at a Taormina restaurant.  First, you’ll go out and buy your ingredients, then you’ll prepare them, under the expert guidance of a local chef and finally you’ll sit down in the restaurant and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Travel back in time – Syracuse and the Archaeological Park

Sicily’s history has been one of regular invasion and colonisation and this is reflected in an extraordinary wealth of archaeological heritage.  Important historical sites can be found all over the island but nowhere is there such a concentration of riches as at Syracuse.  The pride of the Archaeological Park is the stunning fifth century Greek theatre, where the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles were performed.  Also within the park is the other worldly Latomia del Paradiso, the limestone quarry from which the city was constructed.  The Ear of Dionysius, which lies within the quarry, is a vast grotto with extraordinary acoustics.  The city of Syracuse itself is filled with antiquities but don’t miss the beautiful Santa Maria delle Colonne, one wall of which is formed by the Doric columns of an ancient temple to Athena.

Take a romantic boat ride

Sicily’s past has been shaped by the sea which brought it invaders and traders in swift succession.  There’s no better way to admire its dramatic, rugged coastline, and get respite from the searing heat, than by taking a sea cruise.  There’s a huge variety to choose from and an awful lot of coastline to explore.

Explore the island’s vineyards

Winemaking on Sicily dates back thousands of years and a tour of its vineyards will take you deep into the heart of the island and its traditions.  Learn about the history of wine production, experience the rugged, unforgiving landscape and best of all enjoy that delicious glass of wine, sipped in the most perfect of situations.