5 Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Window Blinds


Window blinds are one of those things that typically falls by the wayside, but they make a huge impression on the aesthetics of your home. As it’s not an inexpensive endeavor, replacing your window treatments can be something that most homeowners don’t want to have to fit into the budget. The problem is that window blinds aren’t just about looks. They help to regulate the temperature of a room, keep light out, and provide privacy as well.

These are the five critical signs that your window treatments need to be replaced.

You changed your decor

If you are going to go through the expense of updating a room, then don’t drag it back down a notch by forgetting the finishing touches like the window treatments. Dated window blinds can ruin the ambiance of any newly-refurbished room, negating the time and energy you put into renovating. Window blinds are like a pair of shoes — they make the outfit. So if you are going to renovate, don’t leave your windows with the same drab look.

They don’t work well

When your Budget Blinds get old, they might become difficult to lift, or the mechanism used to move them up and down might get worn out. If you are having a hard time raising and lowering them, then it is time to reevaluate. When you have the right window blinds, you can better control the ventilation of the room. Although it will be an expense to replace them, the cost-benefit ratio will probably put you ahead if you choose the right blinds to properly help the energy efficiency of your home.

They have discolored

Nothing can make your home look more outdated than slats and blinds that have changed color or are aging. If your window treatments are changing colors, they are aging your home more than you know. Just because you might not be able to see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t leaving a lasting impression on those who visit your house. You don’t have to spend a fortune on window blinds to brighten a room, but leaving discolored ones hanging around isn’t doing much to make anyone happy.

You have added children into the mix

Some window blinds have hazards that might hurt young children. If you have blinds without safety features like being cordless, then you might be putting little ones at risk. Corded blinds can be tied up so that they are no longer an issue, but there is still the potential that they can cause harm. If you have little ones in the house, changing out your window blinds to ensure the protection of your growing family is a worthy investment to make. Also, some older blinds might have lead in them. As they start to age, that lead can turn to dust and be harmful if inhaled. If you have older blinds, the best way to ensure they aren’t dangerous is to replace them with ones that you know pose no risk.

The slats are warping

If you notice that your window blinds are beginning to warp and not fall correctly, then it is time to replace them. When they warp, it makes it impossible to open and close them efficiently, and they just don’t look good in general. If they are warped, they also aren’t doing their job. If you think that people can’t see that your blinds are warping, you are wrong. Misshapen blinds are tanking the aesthetics of any room that they cover.

Window treatments are an expense that most people consider an afterthought, but they can make a huge difference on the aesthetics of a room. If you have blinds that are warping, discoloring, or just plain outdated, then it is time to upgrade. If you have new little additions to your home and your blinds are not new, then they might pose a potential hazard to your little ones. Make sure not to leave your babies unprotected over the small price of replacing the window blinds of your home.