5 Signs You Might Have an Unhealthy Work-Life Balance


The average person spends a third of their life at work. The digital age has made that percentage stretch even higher, as more and more of us are taking work commitments into the home on phones as well as other devices. It’s never been more important to establish a work-life balance – but how do you know how much is too much? Here are some simple but useful pointers which could mean you need to reassess your habits for a happier, more balanced lifestyle…

You have work emails on your phone

Studies have actually found that those of us carrying work emails on our phones are generally less well-rested and more likely to feel unhappy. This is because mobile emailing creates an “always on” work style –  often creating anxiety and a tendency to be a people pleaser. Ultimately, this will make you less likely to be productive during normal working hours, and more likely to feel stressed at the weekend and in the evenings. Try to leave your work emails for working hours unless there is something absolutely necessary.


Your mind switches to work on Sunday evening

This is a big one. What was once the “day of rest” has become a preparation day for those who are a little too involved in their work life. The Metro reported that 76% of people have what they called the “Sunday night blues”, staying up late worrying about the next day, or even opening their laptops and trying to get ahead before the working week starts. If you find that your mind switches into work mode on a Sunday evening, this could be a sign you’re struggling with an unhealthy balance.

You get “martyr syndrome”

Do you ever find yourself saying “I have to get everything done around here”? Do you get to work really early or stay late into the evening? You could have martyr syndrome. The worst part of this type of habit is that, ultimately, there is very little to gain from it, and it will result in you feeling more stressed out (and less rested!). Rather than taking the weight of the world on your shoulders, try sticking to 8 hours a day, therefore making time for yourself in the evenings for relaxation or fun. It will mean you work more effectively and could even result in more work being done overall!


Friends comment on changes

There’s nothing quite like a good friend for giving you the truth. If you’ve been told you’re looking tired lately, or perhaps you are less available for meetups that you used to be and friends have expressed concern? It could be that you’re putting the hours in for a big project or perhaps you need to get ahead for a busy month. But the truth remains that, if those close to you have noticed these changes, it could be time to tip the work-life balance a little in the direction of less work, more social life!

Your diet is out

Working too much and living in a fast-paced environment often means neglecting your diet. All those take out coffees and supermarket sandwiches add up and contribute to your overall health. If you have to eat on the go, Try investing in a low carb bread to make healthier work lunches – you’ll also get much less afternoon fatigue from eating stodgy carbs.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is paramount for productivity, and not getting enough sleep is a curse of modern living. However, if you begin noticing that you’re getting less sleep than you usually do, or perhaps you’re staying up later because you have a lot on your mind, this could be something to work on. It’s recommended to get a total of 8 hours, non-interrupted sleep per night, in order to function fully the next day.

Try to get an early night at least a few times a week. Additionally, if your energy levels are down in general, you can get iron supplements, which will have a really positive effect on your health. Vitabiotics are well known for great supplements including iron and various vitamins, that can help your energy levels and overall health. Find out more here.