5 Signs You Need New Residential Windows 


Not sure whether you need new windows? Replacing all your residential windows is a big financial investment. Most people tend to wait until they need replacement. Don’t fall into this trap of waiting for an emergency to act. 

If the windows are more than a decade old, listen to what they are telling you. With this, you’ll know the appropriate time to replace them with recent panes window manufacturing options that are energy-efficient. 

Here’s what to look for. 

  • High Energy Bills  

Are you spending too much money on electricity bills? Well, maybe your windows are losing too much heat or energy. But how do you know this? 

It’s simple, stand next to your windows on a cold day. Do you feel colder than in any other place? You can also touch the glass. If it feels cold, then the warm air in your house is being cooled down as soon it gets into contact with this window. 

Alternatively, you can grab a candle and hold it close to each corner of the window. If the flicker or smoke moves, drafts are moving through your windows. So, imagine how warm your house would feel after sealing up all these little holes? 

As temperature rises in summer and drops on winter, the cooling and heating bills are likely to do the same. If your window is older, then there’s a possibility that the cooling from the AC and heat from the furnace is going to waste. Replacing the old windows with the new models will help prevent transferring of air into or out of your home. 

  • Decaying Frames and Leakages 

A decaying window frame is a clear sign that you need to replace your windows. For instance, a wooden frame is prone to damage when it comes to contact with water or moisture. Build up moisture will cause decay leading to more safety concerns. So, if you notice a decaying frame, this is a sign that your windows need a serious upgrade. 

At times, you may also note signs of leakages. In some cases, the leaks will be so bad leaving a pool of water on your floors. When deciding on whether to replace the windows or not, remember that moisture accelerates the growth of mold. So, posting replacing the leaking window will only generate other problems. 

Maybe you’re wondering, why replace the leaking window rather than just repair? It will cost less money and time, anyway. 

Yes, you can repair the window. But this will not fix the main problem. Remember, the leak is a problem but not the problem. Moisture buildup is a sign of something far worse. The best remedy is to replace the windows and ensure this doesn’t happen again. 

  • You Hear a Lot of Noise 

Does your window protect you from external sounds? If not, there is a possibility that they are nor sealed correctly or they were poorly made. If you live in a busy street, having a soundproof glass as your window is a necessity. 

  • If the Windows are Broken, Warped or Damage  

If the damage is minor, repairing is more cost-effective than replacing. However, if there’s a breakage or damage on your window, a replacement will be better than a repair. 

Yes, the window may still be operable? But the damage can develop into something serious quite fast. For instance, do you see condensation on your window panes? 

It’s worth noting that not all condensation is bad. But if you see it in between panes, then this is a sign of concern. Undertake a replacement before the windows become too leaky. 

  • Difficulty in Opening or Closing the Window 

You don’t need to put a fight when opening or closing your window. Such an engagement may aggravate the joint problems that you may already have. So, be sure to replace the window before it’s late. 

The inability to close a window has numerous risks. First, it makes the house insecure by allowing easy entry by intruders. It will also lead in loss of heat during winter and loss of cold air from the AC in summer. All of this will lead to a higher electricity bill.