5 simple steps to increase likes on Instagram


Instagram has evolved into one of the most popular social media platforms. In fact, it is being used as an effective marketing platform by a variety of small, medium and large businesses to showcase their products and services.

However, engagement is necessary to be successful on this platform. Businesses and individuals need to have a strategic approach to acquire more likes, comments and followers, therefore more engagement on their posts. Many tend to buy Instagram likes monthly but there are some ways that wouldn’t even cost a penny. Here are five of them:

  • Apply filters

Applying filters is an effective way to make the posts look more attractive. Instagram already provides the users with different filters that can be used to make the images look even more appealing. People want creativity and innovation. No one likes to follow a page that doesn’t have something to offer. Make sure your posts are enhanced through filters to give it a remarkable look. You can even use other applications to filter the picture accordingly.

  • Use hashtags

Photos must be categorized using hashtags. It helps you to increase visibility of the images over this platform. Users may easily discover your posts and increases the chances of them receiving likes. Use as many hashtags as possible. Search for the list of trending hashtags and utilize them on every image posted. Make sure you have a developed an effective hashtag strategy in order to increases the chances of the posts getting more likes.

  • Use analytics

Analytics can be used to analyze and evaluate the demands and preferences of your followers. There is a multitude of Instagram analytic tools that can enable you to get better insights into what how the users responds to the posts being made. Learn about it in detail and post it according to what they want. Learn about the likes and dislikes of your followers and cater their needs. This is how you can increase likes on your posts accordingly.

  • Post quality

Quality matters a lot when it comes to Instagram. There is no need of flooding your account with images that doesn’t exhibit quality. Rather than increasing likes and followers, you will see a steady decrease in engagement. Follow a specific niche and post quality images. Also complement your posts with creative captions to catch more eyes. Nevertheless, good quality along with consistency will allow you to capture as many likes as possible.

  • Post on the right time

Analytical tools can help you get insights into when your followers are active the most. This is when it is most recommendable to post images. Since Instagram follows a different algorithm now, your posts will not be displayed in a chronological order. So it is preferable to post content during the time when your followers are most likely to be active. Do not post during work hours in the weekdays. Make the most out of the time available and post content wisely.