5 Simple Tips on How to Design Your Vacation Home


Sometimes the bustle and hustle of the city can be too much if you have a high-stress job. Time away from it all can be just what you need. It can be too expensive to pay for accommodation whenever you have the urge to take one of those trips so you have a vacation home instead.

The great thing about vacation homes is that space is solely yours and if you want to be alone, you can do just that without other people and the ruckus that tourists make sometimes. You don’t have to make your home away from home bare bones when you can style it up for maximum comfort. Here are some simple tips on designing your vacation home without breaking the bank:

Fit In The Locale

Whether your vacation home is hundreds of miles from civilization or just a short jog to a local town, you need to consider its location. You’re not always there so you won’t be able to check it out as often if something goes awry. Unless you have reasons for your little nest to stand out, you can get inspiration in designing your vacation home from the surroundings.

If your country house is in the woods or in the mountains, it makes sense to go for rustic looks. If it’s somewhere seaside or near bodies of water, nautical home decors may be good. You don’t have to go out of your way to overdesign your vacation home or have everything be custom-made because there are furniture, decors, and accessories that you can easily purchase online. You can even make DIY projects for your summer house if that’s your style.

Play or Work? Both?

Most people go to their vacation homes to unwind and to generally have fun. You need to determine if your space is to accommodate play with a little bit of work so you’ll know how to make it work for you. If the home is purely for a relaxing vacation, make sure to put elements that will make you feel calm and serene. Opening up windows to let as much light in is an excellent and cheap way to go about this.

If you like to do a bit of business when on vacation, make sure you have a room where you can work. A little nook where you can put your laptop and work things can definitely benefit you. Instead of setting your workspace manually in your vacation home, you can just unload your business stuff and begin working seamlessly.

Spruce Up Outdoor Space

The purpose of having a vacation home is that you can go outside as much as you want and have a place you can go home after the day’s excursions. However, there are times where you just want to stay put and that is why an outdoor space is important for it to look and feel inviting to do just that. You don’t have to pay an arm and leg to transform your outdoor space.

Something cheap and simple as a couple of string lights can make a difference. If your outdoor space has ample space to put furniture, definitely put something where you can lounge lazily. For cold nights, make sure there is a fire pit or if you anticipate entertaining friends, a BBQ station as well. If it sounds a little too steep for your pocket, there are many DIY tutorials you can try.

Comfortable Beds Are a Must

A relaxing vacation is not relaxing at all if you aren’t able to get a good night’s rest in your summer home. If there’s one thing you need to put your foot down on when deciding on the costs of designing your vacation house; it’s the bedroom, specifically the bed. There’s nothing more worthwhile than spending your hard-earned bucks on a good bed.

If you have a good mattress in your primary home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the same quality over in your vacation house. Sleep is important and if you have special sleep requirements like memory foam and pillows, you should get those as well. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you don’t need as much rejuvenating sleep.

Slipcovers Are Lifesavers

Unless you have the capability of hiring cleaners and housekeepers to maintain your vacation home, then you won’t need this. Slipcovers are essential for caring for and maintaining for the furniture in your summer house. This is especially handy when you have guests over or if you don’t use some parts of the house very often.

If you have a house by the beach and there’s sand everywhere, it can be annoying to change the delicate covers of your sofa and couch. Slipcovers can help minimize that as you can change and replace it every time you feel like your furniture is getting too dirty. It also helps if most of your interior furniture is made of durable fabric.

Nothing Wrong With Basics

Your vacation home is just an extra perk for you so there’s no shame if you just want to stick with the basics. However, there are ways you can upgrade the look and feel of your little hideaway by adjusting a few things here and there. You certainly can make DIY projects or go thrifting for furniture as well.

How well do you think a vacation home should be designed? Sound off in the comments below.