5 Sofa Cum Bed Design Ideas for Modern Living Room


With the increase in demand for houses we have seen an unimaginable rise in real estate prices. In the pursuit of a premier home in a safe locality overlooking a beautiful scenery people tend to pay a lot for the house or apartment and make sacrifices when they come to the furniture’s that would fill the space in their houses. Therefore, to overcome such difficulties people are slowly migrating to appliances that serve them two purposes while taking up only the space of one. This change in one’s attitude towards life can also be felt in the world of internet as online shops selling furniture are extensively promoting appliances such as sofa cum bed designs in 2019 as they know that their market value has increased exponentially.


Top sofa cum bed designs for your living room –

  1. A touch of future- As you are consider buying an appliance that labels you as a progressive person going with the flow of time, why not go for a much more modern style? This will also be very easy as most of the sofa cum bed designs in 2019 are crafted to suit the style of a person who is used to a millennial lifestyle. These sofas are made up of materials that can sustain heavy damages and coffee spills (something that happens quite frequently in our generation) and still look new, for many years down the line. Some of these designs also comes with a built-in charging port to connect your laptop or phone so you can relax and work in peace without even getting up.
  2. The party ground- If your house is the designated place where your office buddies come to have a good time and insult the boss then you are better off with a sofa cum bed that is large enough even when it is in sofa mode. When you are considering buying this sofa design 2019 be sure it is made with a good material so that any spills on it is easily washed away because there are going to be plenty and you don’t want a stupid spill to dampen the mood of your party. Also, this bed has to big enough to hold all your friends properly when they collapse after that good time.
  1. A dash of elegance- If you are those people who likes to maintain your dignity but still introduce a little bit of fun into your life then you need to buy a sofa cum bed that blends into your living room beautifully complementing the décor of your house while putting out a bold statement that you are a man of style and elegance. Sitting on this sofa you can sip your dry martini while looking all suave and dashing. Also, you have a place where guests can sleep at your house without ruining any of your perfectly organized rooms or a place where from time you can doze off from a tired day’s work.
  2. Personal space– If you are a person who likes to spend more time alone rather than with people I would suggest going for a sofa cum bed designs in 2019 that provides space for only one person at a time. These provide you the personal comfort that you need after a tiring day and best of all some of these sofas come with charging ports and coolers where you can keep your drink while you stream your favorite show.
  3. Family time- These furniture’s not only cater to the needs of a party person or an introvert, it can also serve as a common hearth where a family can come together after a hectic day to share the adventures of the day or enjoy a movie with their loved ones. If they are tired, they can also fall asleep right there huddled together with the people you love and care about.

So why wait anymore go ahead and get yourself a place that can serve you as an area for fun and enjoyment but also at the end of the day a place where you can relax and reflect on the day that has gone by and the day that will come again.