5 steps to take if you are experiencing severe toothache


Having toothache can be an extremely painful experience, as well as one that can be incredibly annoying. However, if you are experiencing toothache you must be able to find the correct dental procedures in order to get the best treatment for your specific tooth problems.

Below is a list of 5 steps to take if you are experiencing severe toothache and some tips on how to remedy it at home before searching out professional dentist treatment:

  • Apply a cold compress, or an ice pack, to the area

This may seem like an obvious step, but it is one that must not be overlooked. By applying an ice pack or a cold compress to the area in which you are experiencing pain – especially an area that is swollen or red – can dramatically reduce inflammation and swelling in the area and can also numb the pain.

You must definitely locate the area in which the toothache started from in order to apply the cold compress or ice pack. It is definitely one of the first steps to take when experiencing severe, or even moderate, tooth pain.

  • Rinse your mouth out with a homemade saltwater mouthwash

Used in medicine for centuries, saltwater is a wonderful remedy for toothache as it can not only dislodge any food items which may be trapped in-between your teeth and causing you the pain, but it can also relieve swelling in the teeth and gums and boost healing in the area too.

A saltwater mouthwash can be made by simply adding one teaspoon of sea salt into a normal-sized glass of water and dissolving it. You should rinse your mouth out for approximately 30 seconds and never swallow the solution as it may cause sickness.

  • Take appropriate painkillers to relieve the pain

Again, this may seem like an obvious step, but it is not one that should be overlooked. You must take painkillers for your toothache as tooth pain can lead to other problems such as headaches and jaw pain. By taking painkillers at an early stage, you can prevent the tooth from causing pain elsewhere on your head and face.

  • Crush cloves on your toothache area

Cloves are a natural anesthetic as they contain eugenol, which can numb pain. Often recommended by dentists as a homemade remedy for toothache, cloves also have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties, making them the perfect home remedy for helping relieve toothache.

  • Seek professional help

If your toothache persists beyond a few days, seeking medical and professional dental help must be the last step. After all, professional dentists know much more about teeth problems than you, or any other search engine, does so it is always imperative that you seek professional help when your toothache persists in order to get the best treatment for the problem.


Always make sure that there is a dental practice close to your area, or one that you can seek help from in case of emergency. You could check this on Google – for example, if you are living in London, you could search for Emergency Dentist London.  

There are also many more home remedies for any type of toothache that you are suffering from.