5 Stylish Appliances You Need in Your Home


Having a home comes with a variety of responsibilities. Not only do you have to keep up with cleaning and repairs to your home, you also have to consider if you have the right appliances.

You should want to make sure that those appliances fit with the style of your home and the rooms that they’re in. Here are 5 stylish appliances that you must have in your home.

  • A Versatile Vacuum

It’s simple: floors get dirty. For some people, their floors get dirtier quicker thanks to the number of people living in the home or the pets that they have. A vacuum is an essential buy for any home, especially the home that needs a little extra care. Any vacuum won’t do though.  

It’s important to buy a vacuum that fits your needs. You don’t need a huge model if you’re living alone. A small, more affordable model will do just fine in a smaller space, and the sleek design that smaller ones have will look great there. The people with kids and pets will need something more heavy duty but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice on style.

No matter what your needs are, you’ll want your vacuum to be versatile. It should reach into tough spots and be able to tackle a multitude of surfaces from carpet to hardwood. A good, sturdy vacuum is an appliance that you need in your home.

  • Cooking Appliances

There are many cooking appliances and utensils that are basic must-haves, but choosing ones that are stylish and functional can be a little difficult. The look of the appliance has to not only look good but also function properly.

Having an espresso machine that looks like it’s from the ‘50s is cool to have, but it shouldn’t function like it hasn’t run since the ‘50s! Making sure all of your kitchen essentials match is another task that many homeowners strive for.

  • Personal Assistant for Your Home

With today’s technology, you can do almost anything with just the sound of your voice. Gadgets like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have transformed the way people interact with their home. You can turn on your entertainment center with a few words by speaking to what looks like a wireless stereo speaker.

Many of these devices are customizable. They have bases that are interchangeable and are available in a variety of finishes and colors so that you can expertly match it to the rest of the decor in the room. These devices can play any song you want and can talk to you when you need a quick answer. Some even have a touch display like the Google Home that has one with four LEDs.

  • Matte Black Appliances

While this isn’t just one singular appliance that is a must-have, matte black appliances are super stylish right now, especially the appliances in the kitchen. They make the room feel classic or trendy depending on the other decorations you have in the room.

It’s also trendy to have matte black appliances that have other functions around your house, like a TV or Stereo. Even if you’re not sure about fully embracing the color, you can test out how you feel about matte black with a few subtly details.  

A few appliances you can start with are your KitchenAid, your coffee machine, your microwave, or even your refrigerator.

  • A Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is an unexpected but useful appliance to have in your home. What is a portable air conditioner? It’s exactly as it sounds: an air conditioner that is small enough to fit in any room and can be moved.

They’re ideal to cool down a single room. Most models come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find one that is stylish and fits in with the rest of your furniture. When looking for the best portable air conditioner, keep in mind your needs and how it fits in with the rest of your home.