5 Things to Avoid Doing when Hiring Movers


Moving your office can be a pretty challenging task to complete because of the thousands of details and things to keep in mind. If you decided to plan your relocation efficiently make sure to consult commercial movers for some tips ad hints. In the article below you will read some professional advice about what you need to avoid doing when hiring office movers.

Getting a Quote from One Company

It is always great if you have choice, so do not cut yourself out of the choice – get quotes from at least three moving companies. No matter how big and volume your move is or is not, because according to Edmonton office movers you should monitor the market to hire the best company and not agree to the first offer you get.

Distance Estimates

Even before you read the explanation of this point, remember that no professionals and reliable movers in Edmonton will offer you distance (over the phone or via the email) home estimates.

Home estimates must be always performed in your house, because movers must see the entire scope of your moving project to evaluate everything and give you the proper estimated price of the relocation and list of services you will need. In the case of distance estimates movers are not able to do so, and as a result very frequently change the estimates later adding a couple nulls at the end of the total cost.

Making the Price the Priority

Unfortunately, our hands are frequently tied by the budgets we have. But, you need to remember that choosing Edmonton movers only by the price is the worst mistake to make. As a rule people think that the higher price, the better. While there is some right idea in such a statement, you need to look at company’s complaints record, license, reviews and recommendations, references, etc. and not on the price alone.

Not Asking Questions

People frequently feel embarrassed to ask questions. This is a big mistake to make. When working with professionals you need to feel confident in them and yourself and feel free to ask any questions you have. Professionals will always be ready to answer you and clarify any unclear moments in the documents, contract, or moving process.

One this to remember at this point is that movers do not have to explain you every step of their work, but they are obliged to ask your questions. If you ask – they will explain, if you do not – they will not.

Extra Fees

And the final point that we would like to mention is not caring about the extra fees. According to Edmonton movers many scammers use this trick; they name some price for people and then add to their bill some services making the customers pay two time more than in the beginning. You have to understand what you are paying for and what you are not paying for not to get caught by accident with a much bigger bill.