5 Tips to Avoid Pickpockets And Property Theft


Traveling is fun and exciting, but if you lose any valuables during your overseas adventure, it could ruin the entire experience. Staying safe while traveling is the key to enjoying your trip.

In order not to constantly keep an eye on your valuables, you can travel with the right essentials that will help you outsmart pickpockets. Below are some tips for smart travelers.

How can I outsmart thieves while traveling?

  1. Travel with a neck wallet

Neck wallets are quickly becoming popular with smart travelers and for good reason. They are all about convenience and safety while on your trip and are one of the best accessories for keeping your valuables close.

When you’re not using your neck wallet, it can hang underneath your top or shirt. And when you need it, simply lift it out and you’re ready to face any pickpocket. There aren’t any downsides to a well-fitting Kinzd neck wallet, so consider it a MUST-HAVE accessory for your next trip abroad.

  1. Wrist wallets

These were originally made for joggers and active people, but now, wrist wallets are a sensible choice for travelers. You can take your mobile phones, credit cards and money in a wrist wallet and they can pass for sweatbands or fashion bracelets.

  1. Backpacks with hidden pockets

Pickpockets know where to slash and dip their hands into for a quick pick and run. But when you have backpacks with hidden pockets, they will be unable to access your valuables.

Your backpack and daypack should have hidden pockets that are situated inside the lining of the pack and against your back. It will make it very tough for thieves to notice them or get in.

Choosing a pack with a dark color also helps camouflage them from pickpockets.

  1. A hotel safe or lockbox

When your valuables are left at your hotel, they can only be kept safe if they are under lock and key. No hotel is really above board. The management cannot keep an eye on their staff 24/7. So using a hotel safe or lock box is a good way to ensure that your items are safe.

Some will say that keeping your valuables separate from the rest of your belongings will call attention to them, but if they are in a hotel safe or lockbox, then you can hold the hotel responsible if anything goes missing.

  1. Carry your backpack in front

Swivel your backpack to your front where you can see it. Even if you’re not a big fan of wearing your daypack in front, you will need to do it if you have valuables in the bag. Most pickpockets will have to physically remove your arm before they can access your pack. Since this rarely ever happens, you will be safer this way.

Be cautious of your belongings at all times because pick pockets will usually target travelers who look like they are distracted and not alert. Wear comfortable clothes with deep pockets and make sure you don’t travel with any valuables that you really won’t need during your trip.