5 Tips For Chainsaw Maintenance?


Looking for an ideal equipment to cut trees? Chainsaws come in to rescue. They are the best instrument for this purpose. However if not handled they can be very dangerous can cause an injury also. Since this equipment is so effective that people think they can cut down numerous trees without wear and tear of the instrument. If you do not find best  chainsaws till now Visit www.polesawadvisor.com/best-electric-chainsaw-reviews/ for better assistance . As a result they take chainsaw taken for granted and lastly pay huge bill to get it repaired.

It is very important that you take proper care of the instrument. This not only prevents accidents but also increases the life of instrument. Maintaining the instrument is not a very hard deal. First and foremost thing to remember is to avoid using a chainsaw that is already damaged or has not been properly assembled.

Some useful measures for chainsaw maintenance

With a small devotion of time to your instrument you can add life to the instrument. This will also save money that will otherwise be spent on repairing the instrument. Some of the maintenance tips include.

Clean the blades regularly

This is the first and indeed the most importance step towards chainsaw maintenance. With the passage of time the blades of chainsaw become blunt. This happens due to contact of chainsaw with soil. Some of the indications that your blades are blunt include

  • Dust comes out of the blade instead of saw chips
  • The cutting is irregular
  • There is a lot of jumping and chattering which is not controlled even when depth gauge is adjusted

So the question now arises how to clean and sharpen the blades? Clamp the chainsaw to a vice and keep it in proper place with hand guard. Then with a sharpening file sparpen it in horizontal direction. Repeat the procedure again and then clean and lubricate with oil.

Clean the needle and intake components

With the usage and passage of time often impurities crop up on the carburettor surface. This blocks the passage for the fuel. This can be cleaned by dissolving them with the help of some spray cleaner or fuel additive.


For every chainsaw there is a particular oiling system. This system prevents friction between chain and bar. It reduced the heat energy so during maintenance it is important to take care the system is working aptly.

When the machine is accelerated on white paper you can check this. If the oil is not sprayed then clean oil tank and change filter to get good results. When clogged clean and replace the air filters. The amount of efficiency of chainsaw increases if there is proper air intake. Accumulation of too much dust and dirt also results in overheating of engine.

Spark plugs

Spark plug is one of the most important parts of chainsaw. So it is important that it is properly cleaned and maintained. A loose connection of spark plug can cause fire. So it is necessary that the ignition system is tested after removing it from spark plug. Further to avoid accidents and injuries only authorized products. Proper cleaning of spark plugs should be done from time to time.

Proper storage

The chainsaw should be stored in a proper place. This will be make sure that the chainsaw is properly cleaned and maintained. If the chainsaw is not used for a long time then it should be kept in a place where there is no dust and dirt. Proper Care should be taken in the times when the instrument is not being used. Further most important thing is it should be kept out of reach of children.