5 Tips to Cozy up Your Home for Winter


The days are getting darker faster and the temperatures are starting to dip towards the bottom of the thermometer, but that doesn’t mean that the winter blues should set in. There are ways to cozy up your home for the winter that will bring cheer to your family all winter long. It’s important to note that beating the cold winters is all about smells, throws, and warm hues that invite you to snuggle on the couch with a book and wile away the winter hours. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top tips to help you cozy up your home for the winter ahead.

Let the Scents in

One of the best ways to cozy your home up for winter is by letting the scents of fall and winter inside. At Aromatique, the smell of winter is in the air with scents such as cinnamon cider in diffuser oils, candles and different scents that will have your home smelling and feeling cozy and great in no time.

Cover Your Hardwoods

Gleaming hardwood floors have a coziness of all of their own, but in the winter they can be a little cold on the tootsies in the morning and evenings. Scattering some scatter rugs across those hardwoods can give you the comfort of walking on a type of carpeting and make your home look cozier as well.

Create a Reading Spot

A snowy day with frigid temperatures is the perfect time to curl up in a corner and read. Make sure that your little spot of reading heaven is complete with good lighting, a great book, and cozy pillows. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book, a cup of cocoa, and a roaring fire when the snow is falling.

Drape the Throws

Make sure that you take cozy, warm quilts and throws and drape them over the chairs and couches in your home, especially in that oh so special reading spot. It’s nice to snuggle under a blanket while you watch movies on a snowy winters evening.

Start up the Fireplace

Whether you have a wood burning fireplace, an electric, or a gas one, there is just something about sitting and gazing into a fire when the temperatures are plummeting outside that makes everyone feel cozy. This is the perfect way to ensure that your home is cozy on those bitter cold nights when not a soul is stirring outside.

Winter is a time when you can’t get out and do the things you want to do. It can be a little depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. From starting your fireplace to letting the winter scents into your home, these tips will have your home warm, cozy, and the place everyone wants to be for the winter season. With that said, grab your cocoa, (don’t forget the whipped cream) pick up that novel you’ve been wanting to read, snuggle under a warm blanket in front of the fireplace and have a snowy winter’s evening inside.