5 tips for choosing the Right Pots for Your Houseplants


The more we stay close to greenery we get the feel of being right at the lap of nature. But many of us are not lucky enough to have ample space in our property to grow a beautiful garden outdoor. To fulfill the desire of being surrounded by greenery the concept of indoor gardening came into existence. But to create a healthy atmosphere to let the houseplants grow in peace and harmony we need to make an investment in good quality pots or planters for it. Now the question that will come to mind is that is all types of pots ideal for plant growth. Well, definitely not. Here you need to know the tips of choosing the Right Pots for your houseplants. Check the below points for best houseplants pots.


•    The material of the pot:  There are 3 common types of materials which are used for the making of the plant pots and that are ceramic, terra cotta/clay, and plastic. Decide which one you want based on the information below

A.    Claypot is easy to find and dries water faster. Aside to this, the neutral color of it gives it’s a natural look with pots. You can have it at a cheap price but it is highly prone to breakage and crack

B.    Plastic pots are not only available at a cheap price but are also highly durable. You can even wash and reuse the old pots if you want. You can have them in different shapes and sizes and are much lighter than the ceramic and clay pots. If kept under the sun too long then chances of color fading and cracking are there.

C.    If you want a royal look inside your house with use of houseplants then ceramic pots are the ideal choice for you. It is heavy enough to hold bigger plants and chance of falling is less. But if you look for some cons in it then yes, its expensive and movement turns difficult because of its heaviness.

   Pot with a hole: As you all know how important it is to make proper drainage of water in the pot or else water will accumulate at the bottom and roots will rot. Buy pots with a small bottom hole to allow the water to drain. Buy it along with a plate so that the house floor is not dirty. Remove the water from the plate from time to time.

•    Size of the pot: This is something very important to consider for buying houseplant pots. Go for a pot which is proportionate to the size of the plant. Too big pot for a small plant will make it sit inside the pot with water over it and vice versa for small pots with big plants. Select deeper pots for plants having large roots, and go for shallower ones in case plants have small roots

•    Easy movement: For houseplants too you need to show them sunlight and keep in open space from time to time for healthy growth. So you need to look for a  pot with a size which is easy to move. Here you need to concentrate on the plant selection too as too many big plants will not look good indoor. So go for medium plants in a medium-sized pot for smooth movements.

•    The color of the pot or design:  As you are going to keep the pot indoor you need to be very careful about color selection. All colors may not suit the other interior arrangements of the house. So compare and then select the right pot with the right color.