5 Tips for Decorating a New Build Home


New builds are a popular choice amongst first-time buyers and individuals already on the property ladder. Many buyers enjoy being the first person to occupy a home; you don’t have to worry as much about things going wrong and, since the house is brand new, it’s a blank canvas for you to decorate as you please!

#1 Don’t rush

It’s tempting to get to work the moment you turn the key in the lock, but new builds are a little bit different. You need to give them time, preferably six months but a full year where possible. Unlike older homes, the materials in a new build need time to settle in. You’ll notice that (completely normal) nail pops and tiny hairline cracks appear as everything beds down. There’s nothing to fear from these, but it’s advisable to wait until minor imperfections have shown up so that you can paint/wallpaper over them.

#2 Add storage

Most new build homes will come with furniture and some storage, but the latter is usually woefully inadequate for the demands of even a single person living alone. Storage is your first port of call and first opportunity to get creative. Imaginative solutions like furniture with built-in hidden storage are unique and deciding what will be stored where helps to define the layout of your new home.

#3 Layer the lighting

Remember that new builds were constructed primarily for sale. Lighting is fitted accordingly to show off details of the property rather than making it truly liveable. This usually means uniform lighting throughout, but you can change this straight away to set different moods. Perhaps you want to add softer lights to the bedrooms, a starker tone for the kitchen and something in between for the lounge area. The choices are endless, but creating layered light is a surefire way to make your new house feel like a home. 

#4 Add pictures and shelves

The aim here is to personalise the property. Putting pictures up is straightforward, but surrounding yourself with memories and images that you have an emotional connection with changes the way a home feels. Shelves open up even more customisation options. They’re simple to hang, and from there, you can add anything from flowers to ornaments, house plants or more photographs. New builds can seem slightly cold, but putting up a few shelves and covering them with personal objects is a great way to get cosy.

#5 Paint the fixtures

Even though it’s important to wait before you get to work on the walls, nothing is stopping you from doing a paint job on things like fitted wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. This is even easier if you already know what you plan to do with the main walls. You can pick out a colour scheme, apply it to the fixtures and then go ahead when the rest of the house is ready. It might not seem like much, but changing the colour of fixtures is a chance for you to express your personality.