5 tips for dressing for an important zoom call


One of the biggest perks of working from home is the shortened morning routine. Gone are the days of getting up early to do your makeup and pull on your best suit before heading out on your commute. You can be much more relaxed in the way you dress, with comfort often coming first. 

The only time this changes is when you have an important Zoom call with a client, supplier or customer – this is when you’ll want to dress to impress. Follow our tips for dressing for a video conference so you can look and feel your best while exuding professionalism.

Smart specs

As mentioned, one of the best things about a Zoom conference is that you only need to dress to impress from the waist up. This does, however, mean that you have to put extra thought into what is on show – including your glasses. Choose a smart pair from the likes of Spex4Less so you can show off your style while remaining professional. Plain black frames are guaranteed to match with all your outfits and are extremely versatile, although you also can’t go wrong with a trendy tortoiseshell print.

Don’t overdress

Nobody expects you to sit at home in a full suit, so don’t worry about dressing up to the nines. In a similar vein though, you’ll want to avoid anything overly casual like a sweatshirt, sports gear or tank top. You want to be comfortable but still work appropriate. A crisp shirt, blouse or dress is the way to go here, especially those in neutral colours and prints. You don’t have to worry about your bottom half too much, however, it’s wise to wear black trousers or jeans just in case you have to stand up and grab some documents. 

Jazz it up with jewellery

Even a plain white t-shirt can easily be upgraded with the help of some jewellery. A statement necklace and subtle earrings are guaranteed to make you look much more put together without having to put in much effort at all. Even a gentleman can wear a thin gold chain, watch or statement ring, should they want to add some flair to their outfit while still staying work appropriate. 

Consider the company

Always consider the client and their general vibe when dressing for a meeting with them. If you know they usually dress up or appear quite formal, it’s wise to do the same to impress. On the other hand, if they tend to be more relaxed, you don’t have to worry quite so much. You can usually get a hint of a company’s values from their website if you haven’t met them before, but it’s wise to be on the safe side with a shirt or blouse for the first meeting in this case. 

Don’t forget about your hair

It’s all well and good dressing up for a client call, but you don’t want to let yourself down by forgetting to do your hair. One of the perks of working from home is that you usually don’t have to worry about styling your hair too much, but you should definitely make more effort for a meeting. There are plenty of work-appropriate hairstyles that take a matter of minutes, so you can look well-groomed and perfectly put together without having to wake up too much earlier. 

A little effort can go a long way when it comes to making a good impression. Take our tips into account at your next Zoom meeting to stay both comfortable and classy in front of your client.