5 Tips for getting an Indian visa


Nowadays it’s very easy to get an Indian visa. Nevertheless, when applying for a visa India, you should remember some of the tips which will help you in making the visa process simple and easy for you. Also, you can get the Indian visa online by using the Indian government’s website. Here are tips which will help you in acquiring the visa easily and quickly.

  • Applying online

You can apply for the India visa via online. However, the checklists and standards for an Indian visa are very strict. Your visa can either be rejected or approved. Applying for your visa online does not give you the guarantee that your visa will be approved. Hence it’s vital for you to avoid making expensive flight plans such as a non-refundable plane ticket.

  • Consult a visa processing agency

A visa processing agency will assist you in understanding the eligibility process and the standards which you should first meet for you to be allowed to enter the country. A tourist and transit visa are some of the easiest permits which you can get easily in India. If you happen to apply for a visa early before the travelling dates, the chances of being given a tourist visa are very high.

Moreover, the eligibility process and the requirements needed for other types of visas such as business trip visa are quite strict. Hence you will be required to comply with all of them so that the visa is issued to you. For instance, if you want to start working in India, you will be required to have a business letter which should meet specific requirements, and written in a particular method which can be found online. You should print the letter using the company letterhead for it to reach the Indian visa standards.

  • Visa application form

You can find the visa application form for Indian visa online. You should fill it correctly, print it out and submit it together with the other required documents. In case you already have the other documents with you then you will complete the whole process quickly and easily.

  • Tracking the visa application process

Many tourists cannot tell the time it takes for a visa to be approved and that’s why you need to monitor the visa application process. You can track the visa via SMS, email or the website of the visa agency which you used. This way you will be updated when the visa is approved.

  • Using a courier service

Although many people equate the visa fees with the average fees stated on the websites, there are other services which you may use which will make your work easier such as courier services. The advantage of using the courier service is that you will receive your visa in the stated address after its approved without visiting the agency you hired to help you get the visa.

Applying for an Indian visa has never been easier. If you follow the above tips, you will complete your visa application process quickly and hopefully get your visa at your stated address once it’s approved.