5 Tips for Maintaining Your Golf Equipment


As an avid golfer, it stands to reason that the more you’re on the fairway and greens, extra wear is being put on your golfing equipment. This is where buying better quality clubs, golf balls, and occasional upgrades are worthwhile. It ensures that they’ll stand the test of time. 

Here are 5 tips for maintaining your golf equipment, so it’ll last longer. 

  1. Giving the Golf Buggy a Durability Upgrade

The golf buggy has to be out in sometimes unfriendly weather conditions, rolling over the undulating landscape between holes and down the fairway. While some of the ground will be flat, other parts are decidedly not. 

To handle different types of terrain, a common upgrade is to add larger wheels to a buggy. It will raise it a little, but it won’t do anything for the shocks. 

Certainly, the bigger tires require a little help. An EZGO Marathon lift kit is just the thing to put in better shocks to complete the robust setup. Now you’re ready for anything the 18 holes can throw at you. 

  1. Avoid Golfing in Bad Weather

While you might be durable enough to battle it out through all kinds of weather, it plays havoc with your golfing gear. 

None of your existing equipment will be friendly to added moisture from rainfall. While you can use a golfing umbrella – always useful to have one around – that’s mostly going to cover you and not your equipment. 

Also, do make sure that the golf bag covers over completely to shield the clubs inside. Sometimes, covers can get accidentally torn or ripped – replace the golf bag if that’s the case as you’ll get caught in the showers eventually!

  1. Be Careful with Storage Between Golfing Trips

You’re not always at the golf course. Oftentimes, the clubs are unused and stored away.

The bag must be stored upright to ensure all the clubs are too. Leaving them in your car’s trunk between sessions is not advisable. It can warp them, especially in hotter climates where the glue holding the club head and the grip in place can become less effective.

Cooler storage areas are best. 

  1. The Woods Require More TLC than Irons

Most golfers do not realize that the woods in their golf bags are easier to break than the irons. To keep them free of damage to extend their useful life, it’s necessary to use individual covers for each wood in the bag.

Whilst it may seem a little excessive if you’re not used to covering every wood, just know that carting the bag around between holes sees them getting knocked around a fair bit. With individual protective covers, it avoids their getting accidentally chipped.

  1. Maintain the Golf Cart/Buggy

Golf buggies aren’t inexpensive. It pays to look after them. 

Buggies don’t last forever. They need to be kept clean and well maintained. The batteries require a good charge and to not fall below the recommend minimal charge level set by the manufacturer, otherwise, they will lose their ability to hold a charge. 

Get any issues looked at sooner rather than later. Also, expect to replace the tires every once in a while because they will suffer from wear and can get punctures too. 

It’s easy to think that the basic set of golf equipment is durable and will last for decades. The reality is that golf is still an outdoor sport, so moisture in the air does play a factor. The equipment gets jostled around through travel to and from the golf course (and on it). So, it can scrape it, chip it, or worse. 

Lastly, expect to replace golfing equipment over time. Set aside some funds every year for this purpose to avoid surprises.