5 Tips For Starting An E-Agriculture Online Business


Starting an E-Agriculture online business can be daunting, especially if bringing your business up to speed with the online realm is something you’re new to. In light of this, we’ve spoken with experts from Pinduoduo and asked for pro-tips regarding getting your E-Ag business, for it to be kickstarted the right way. 

1. Your Business And/Or Brand Name And Domain 

Even if you’ve already settled on your main platform for doing E-Ag transactions, don’t forget about your brand name and domain. A brand name has to do with the “statement” you want your business to be remembered by.

What is your business about? What is at its core? Would you like to commemorate key (and influential) people who endorse your enterprise? Specific places related to your E-Ag enterprise? Unique products? 

You and your team need to brainstorm this bit. But if you already have one, let’s proceed to number two.

2. Time To Let The World Know Your Online Shop Exists 

There’s nothing to it but to advertise and market your products and/or services. You don’t need to allot all, not even half, of your base-capital to this. Why? Because online advertising and marketing are different from their traditional counterparts. Plus, they’re easier to do and are very economical at that. 

Your E-Ag platform advisers may have their two-cents on how you can go about this. At the same time, take advantage of social media streams. You can choose paid social media ads. Or you can do it the customary, nonetheless highly effective, way— revamping your page and being consistent with social media updates and status posting. 

In parallel to these, have your content and web development team be just as regular with posting “content”, blogs, and the like on your online shop. Through organic traffic and/or paid search traffic, visibility of your site, and in the final analysis, of your brand, will move to heights. 

3. Start Local 

Localization is becoming a much more genuine and trusted avenue customers choose. According to recent research, close to 70% of online shoppers do a search on shops that are local, before they check elsewhere. 

This is a huge opportunity for E-Agriculture startups because the market is already at your doorstep. You simply need to be vigilant in creating a framework for your target marketing, whether on your website, on your E-Ag platform, or on social media. For the latter, choose to switch to a business profile as there are default settings that provide you with options (checklists) for what you prefer in terms of target audience reach. 

4. “Be” Online: Seller Responsiveness

Shoppers are keen on interacting with businesses they wish to make transactions with, which is why it is adamant that you be alert and “be online”. Aside from linking your regular web content to your posts on social media, be there to answer customer queries and feedback. Do not tarry when getting back to their calls, emails, or messages. Seller responsiveness can either invite or turn away customers in a snap.

5. Make Payment Options, Deliveries, And/Or Shipping Quick 

Finally, select the payment options that are most available to you, and are easily accessible to customers. Beyond this, construct a competitive delivery and/or shipping system. Again, don’t keep your customers waiting. 

Have your website equipped with a tracking page for orders. Concurrently, it’s best to be able to send shipments as close to the day an order is made as possible. It might be a bit of a stretch, especially if you’re still starting out and are working with a small staff. But it will make the difference. The rewards will be worth it, as doing so will boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. 

Your business will receive excellent reviews by having an efficient delivery system. With great reviews come increased followers and more loyal customers.