5 Tips for Staying Positive During Chemotherapy


Battling the cancer disease is not so easy task, it is very difficult to avoid negative thought that keeps on striking the mind without any delay. The constant thought of dealing with a serious illness and the fear of going through rigorous treatment is just so distressing and worrisome.

It is natural to experience negative thoughts persistently. Some distractions may help the person on a temporary basis but permanently there is no remedy. At the idle times, the person might feel very low and all these tensions may lead to a condition where the patient does not eat properly nor they do sleep well. The chemotherapy treatment and its after-effects like hair loss tear the patient from inside and ultimately the feeling of helplessness, self-loathing and anger lead to depression in a number of cases. To combat this situation, it is very imperative to stay positive and keep a positive vision of life.


Few of the most effective tips to staying positive during chemotherapy are :

  1. Acceptance and Speaking: For a positive change in life, cancer survivors must accept this fact. Acceptance brings more self-awareness and helps in adding more positive thoughts in life. With time it removes all negativity thoughts and gives patients a reason to smile and stay happy. Acceptance in a way means to identify all triggers that induce the negativity and try to escalate from that situation. It can be anything from fighting the health condition to the change in look. Once a patient identifies the real problem and talks about it with any friend, family or counsellor the result is sure to be rewarding.
  2. Lead a Normal Life: It is often seen that after chemotherapy many patients confined themselves to bed due to the feeling of being treated with such severe ailment or in many cases the fatigue compels them to do so. It is tough but tries to lead a normal life, go to grocery, cook meals, do your stuff and be social. The change in physical and mental condition might restrict you but cross the barrier and come out of this problem. Lead a life parallel to normal and stay positive.
  3. Eat Well: It is true that you may have a bunch of people around you to take care of your eating and other stuff, but be aware of your body and eat high-level diet recommended by your dietitian. Also, if you have the problem of oral mucositis, which is common to occur after chemotherapy, talk to your dietitian about the right foods to eat that do not create trouble with your eating pattern. The right diet will boost energy in your body, maintain a balanced hormone level necessary to stay positive and you will feel more inspired and content from within. A person who is satisfied with food and possesses good energy level tends to fight the disease sooner.
  4. Read Motivational Stories: During the cancer treatment and after it, there will be so many moments when you will feel low and extremely demotivated from within. Surviving the cancer disease is no easy journey but at this moment realizing that you are not alone to walk this path and many people have gone through this stage. Reading stories on cancer survivors their struggles and journey will motivate you from the core opening new dimensions of life’s vision. When you truly feel jerked from inside, go through them and you will not only feel motivated but develop a thriving attitude essential for a happy life ahead.
  5. Participate in Meditation: Enjoying present life is the key to be happy for all so why not after chemotherapy schedules you to try it out. Meditation teaches us acceptance and staying in the present. Mindfulness is the key to happy and staying in the present means enjoying your current situation to the fullest. Be it a coffee break or a morning walk. Do not just indulge life in the virtual world but try to live the moment with 100% happiness. In this journey, your mediation classes will work wonders. You can join the group and feel more content in just no time. Along with providing therapeutic results, this decision will bring more joy in life.

Turn towards these coping strategies and learn to be more positive in life. Life is a beautiful journey and never let any disease pull you back. Unpredictable situations will come and go and this is our responsibility to dal it full fervour and zeal.