5 Tips for Taking Better Photos While Travelling


Photos are the most beautiful souvenirs you can bring from your trip. They allow you to freeze time and remember beautiful moments until the end of your life. Moreover, you can share these moments with others. Don’t you invite your friends and family to look at photos right after you are back?

Thanks to photos, everyone can admire the wonderful sunsets, crowded streets, or green forests and feel your trip’s atmosphere at least a little. Surely everyone can’t wait to see where you have been!

Photos from the trip are priceless because you don’t know if you go back to that destination point ever again. 


To capture the beauty of the places you’ve visited, check out these tips for taking better photos while traveling:

Find the Perfect Location

Before you set off on a journey, do some research on the internet. Google Earth, Google Graphics, Street View, and Instagram will work best. Besides, ask in group forums for unique photo spots, search guides, and regional sites. 

Thanks to this, you will get some insight and initial inspiration for your photos. You will also see how others photographed something, so that you can do it differently.

Take Your Memory Cards

Make sure you have enough memory cards. Digital cameras allow you to take a large number of photos. The number of several dozen frames no longer limits you. 

Taking several memory cards will definitely allow you to experiment and catch many frames. The notification “memory card is full” will not force you to select and delete photos on the card nervously.

Other than that, think about what you can do to not lose your photos accidentally. If you delete them when downloading photos from your memory card, check out this data recovery software to bring them back.

Use a Tripod

A tripod will come in handy when you plan to shoot the city or sky at night. Then it is worth using the shutter speed (exposure time) functionality and setting it for a few seconds so that more light will fall on the matrix. Shutter speed requires the use of a tripod as it is difficult to hold the camera still in your hand for a few seconds. After this time, the photo will be exposed very well, and you will enjoy a unique frame.

You can use it to follow stars changing their position in the sky or picture blurry streaks of light from passing cars. Such photos look very creative and will definitely impress your viewers.

Wait for the Best Light

…Or wake up early to capture it. There are two moments during the day when the sun is in its best position to give you amazing light. An hour after sunrise and before sunset is the perfect time to capture the magical warm colors

This time is the so-called “golden hour”. Shooting is much easier then because you don’t have to worry about sharp shadows and contrasts. The specific shade and soft light coming from the low-lying sun makes it the best time to take landscape photos.

Contrary to its name, the duration of the golden hour varies and depends on the latitude. The closer to the equator, the shorter it lasts (even up to several minutes). Closer to the pole, this time increases.

Check the Weather

In photography, “good weather” is a relative concept; it all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to capture in the picture. Good weather is neither a sunny, cloudless day, but also not a sky full of clouds with rain and strong winds.

The sunset and the summer storms have their own magical atmosphere. It is worth taking advantage of the red colors at dusk, which can give the scenery a romantic atmosphere.

A storm, in turn, is a sky full of drama, thick clouds, lightning, and lush colors. However, such weather phenomena is a lottery, and a lot depends on luck. But it is worth waiting for the perfect moments and getting them in the frame.


Shooting while traveling can be both fascinating and frustrating if you are poorly prepared. The keys to success are the right planning of your stay, checking the weather, collecting the right equipment, waiting for the right time and place. You’d certainly need a bit of creativity and imagination as well.

A good photo is the sum of many components. Just prepare yourself in advance to make travel photography a pure pleasure.