5 Tips in Maintaining Your Air Conditioner


Taking the full responsibility of maintaining your AC means that the equipment will serve you for many years. There are some things, which you may put into consideration to make certain the equipment is running properly. The steps for maintaining the equipment can also assist you to reduce making the emergency calls that you don’t expect. Make sure you consider the guidelines of Billy Aircon to ensure you have a great time using the AC machine in your house.

1. Change filters of the equipment

If you change the filters many years ago, it could be high to replace the filters once more. Considering disposable filters can be thought of you because they keep the whole system clean as well as get rid of large specks. You can consider changing the filters after 1 or 3 months, depending on what you find convenient. If you are allergic to specks of dust, then it can be wise to replace the filters often. In case you own the air purification equipment, it may be wise to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure the filters are serviced properly.

2. Clean the condensing unit regularly

Most machines have the condensing unit, which is accompanied by a fan. The fins, which are found in the unit, may be blocked with the grime, pollen, and dirt among others. In every season, make sure you spray the unit with some water. Avoid using the pressure washer since it may damage the whole unit.

3. Examine the drain pan and evaporator

It is important to know where the drain pipe is located. Make sure you check the air conditioner system to get rid of the blockages like the molds. You may use a vacuum to suction out the blocking materials and a bleaching agent to clean the whole system.

4. Seek out the professional’s help

As far as the welfare of your home is concerned, it may be prudent to work hand in hand with a professional. Working with the licensed expert can assist you when it comes to the examining of the drainage system and drain pan. The expert can also give you a piece of advice regarding the times that you may carry out the maintenance services. If it is a good expert, he or she should advise you to consider the maintenance services at the springtime.

5. Inspect and clean the machine’s surrounding

Apart from cleaning the whole machine, it may be prudent to ensure that the surrounding of the machine is cleaned up. You can consider getting rid of the overgrown vegetation as well as the leaves. This will help you to prevent the vegetation from interfering with the flow of air. You may consider trimming the trees or bushes. Remember to keep a watch of the trees, which produces excess pollen grains like cottonwood trees. If this is not controlled, the pollens may clog the units of your machine.

Considering the proper maintenance can be thought of you because it will not only improve the operations of the machine, but also ensure that you are happy with your home comfort. For the maintenance services, make sure you consider the best provider out there. Remember to investigate the local providers that you intend to work with. This will help you to evaluate their experiences and expertise in the field. With this step and above tips, your machine will last for long.