5 tips on how to look fantastic and not spend too much money


We all loving looking fantastic and it goes without saying that dressing right helps in maintaining the best image. The myth is that you have to spend a ton to look great. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many ways to look fantastic without depleting your account or going into debt. Let’s cover 5 tips to look fantastic and not spend too much money.

  1. Pay Attention to Details
    You greatest concern should be quality of the fabric or item you are purchasing. You might not go wrong with some classics, but on notable fabrics like leather and faux fur, there is an observable difference that defines low and high-quality products. Always think quality over quantity even when shopping for items on a budget.

  2. Look out for discounts and offers
    Every so often, major brands will have discounts, offers or major sale. Look out for these to get your most prized accessories, clothes and other personal care items that would otherwise cost a fortune. The upside to this is that you can get just about the same product sold for a small fortune at a few pounds. This boils down to perfect timing. One of the best sites to catch offers and discounts is the Lookfantastic store that stocks up all items beauty. You might catch a Lookfantastic discount code that will help you look like a million pounds for a lot less.

  3. Ignore trends
    Fashion changes all the time and following every trend can be very costly. Instead of trying to follow the masses, focus on defining your style. In the end, being unique is hotter than trying to fit the images on fashion magazines.

  4. Check out Thrift-stores
    This is a huge untapped resource. All the great trends end up in thrift-stores. Do not go wild and get things that do not fit as it can be unflattering. Make sure that the products you purchase look great on you. 
  5. Go for cheaper products

Remember the rule is to choose quality over quantity. However, there might be no difference between £25 and £250 jeans. The price for some designer items reflects the quality, stitching and cut. More often, though, there is minimal difference so you might as well cut your costs and go for the cheaper option.
While it is true that designer pieces will make you look great, it is also true that well-paired accessories and clothing will do the same. Get the best style while spending less using the 5 tips in this post.