5 tips to keep the flower fresh


Whether you own a huge garden or have a simple vase, the key to maintain its aesthetic appeal is keeping the flowers fresh. Flowers can have a positive impact on your mind and body. Studies have proven the fact that greenery can play an imperative role in regular functioning of your body.


However, this only works if the flowers are kept fresh and maintained on a regular basis. Even though you can consult professionals to carry out this work, such as Cali Bouquet, there are many ways in which flowers can be maintained. Here are 5 tips:

  • Wash the vase

If the flowers are kept in a vase, it is important to wash the vase on regular basis. The container has the direct impact on the thing it contains. Carefully wash the vase. Use hot water and a detergent. The vase must then be allowed to dry. Do not use a towel. This will ensure that any bacteria are not present in the vase which can have a detrimental impact on flowers.

  • Use flower food

Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the flower food available in the market. It can have positive impact on the quality of flowers. It consists of bactericide, acidifier and sugar which create a perfect environment for the flowers to survive in. However, it is essential to take care. Do not overdose it. Read the instructions carefully. The ingredients present in the flower food will help them to grow in a healthier manner.

  • Prepare the stems

Before even placing the flowers in the vase, it is important to prepare them. This will help them to remain fresh in the long term. Cut the stems in accordance with the vase’s height. Place them straight into the water. This must be done every week in order to ensure the freshness of the flowers.

  • Check the location

Just like humans, the location matters a lot to the flowers. Better the location, better the chances of survival are. Keep the flowers in a cool location. Even though this depends from species to species, generally flowers are to be kept in a cool surrounding. Keep them away from appliances that emit heat. Also avoid direct sunlight.

  • Check it regularly

This is summary of all the points made above. Freshness of flowers can only be maintained if it is checked on regular basis. You need to keep a proper check on them. Do not neglect flowers at all. Make sure you take them out of the vase and trim them. Check the quality of water in vase. Cloudy water can be harmful to its growth. Bacteria will form at the end of the stems and will discolor the water. This is why you need to address their needs as well on regular basis.

The bottom line

Maintaining the flowers is not a big deal. It only requires some effort. Above are some ways in which you can sustain the freshness and its aesthetic appeal for a longer time.