5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer


You don’t like being hot but it’s even worse when your spouse and the kids start to whine about the indoor temperature. You also don’t feel like opening up your first summer energy bill and having a heart attack. Sure, it’s an annual ritual, but you’d prefer to avoid it this year. You have enough gray hair. Aside from ensuring your AC is in tiptop working order by having it maintained in the spring, there are five more things you can do to keep the hot air outside, the cool air inside, and everybody’s mood cool, too.

1. Window Power

Window power doesn’t mean the power windows in your car or truck; it means use your windows to your advantage. Depending on where you live, you should open your windows at night to let the cool air in once the sun has gone down. Capture that refreshing air and hold it inside by shutting everything up in the morning once you wake up. Do so before the sun rises and it gets too hot. Open your doors for maximum ventilation, too. If necessary, install security screens so they can stay open all night.

2. Window Treatments

Take advantage of window treatments to beat the day’s heat, as well. Purchase solar blinds and curtains to help keep the solar energy out of your home during the day. If you live in an area where the sun is particularly brutal, purchase outdoor treatments to double up your interior defense against the sun and its related heat. You’ll be surprised how cool your indoors will remain if you trap the night’s cool air and then block the sun’s rays during the day.

3. Energy-Saving Thermostats

If you have an old thermostat that cannot be set to adjust the temperature automatically, it’s time to upgrade. Get a programmable thermostat and then set it and forget it. While everyone is away during the day, set it higher so the AC doesn’t run as much. Program it to turn down just before everyone gets home so the house is comfortable once you walk through the door. Turn it off completely once you open up to let in the nighttime air.

4. Fans

Fans also keep your home feeling comfortable when it’s hot outside. Install ceiling fans throughout the house if you don’t have them, and also get your hands on window fans to draw the cool air in at night. If you need additional circulation, there are plenty of energy-efficient standing fans that will keep the indoor temperature cool and prevent your AC from running all day long. Be strategic in your fan placement for maximum cool air circulation.

5. Turn Off the Lights!

Yes, you holler this at your children 24/7 but keep in mind how everyone’s behavior heats the house up. If you don’t have energy-saving light bulbs, the old incandescent ones actually generate heat. You also generate indoor heat by cooking. Hot showers generate heat and humidity, which makes the home feel hotter than it is. So does your home’s entertainment system. Step close to it after family movie night and see how hot it is. Pay attention to what you do indoors to keep things cooler.

These five tips will help stave the summer heat indoors. Be energy efficient and enjoy your summer instead of wishing it were fall.