5 Tips to Optimize your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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Did you know that your bedroom environment determines whether you have a sound sleep or not? Ideally, sleep researchers have successfully proved a direct connection between sleep and the environment. Some simple tweaks you make to your bedroom can directly recharge your sleeping habits and make your bedroom an oasis of restful sleep.

Here are five tips you can practice to optimize your bedroom so that you have enough sleep all night.

1. Invest in high-quality beddings 

The first thing to do if you want to optimize your bedroom for sound sleep, having high-quality beddings or weighted blankets. The mattress and the bed must also be of high quality. Have a bed with a perfect slope or one that accommodates an extra-large mattress. Also, ensure the mattress you buy is a bit cozy and comfortable enough to soothe you.

Another item to invest in is quality bed sheets. It is highly recommended that you have plenty of bed sheets made of the right weave, thread count, and material. Cotton linen is the best you can get for your bed.

2. Keep the bedroom clean 

Your bedroom should be the last place to have any form of clutter. You must keep your bedroom as clean as possible to ensure an ample environment for sleeping. Invest in trays that slide under the bed and buy a nightstand with some drawers. You can also go for a shelf with cubbies that can provide you some space to keep non-essential stuff away.

Ensure you don’t fill up your bedroom with a lot of clutter that you can keep elsewhere. Create more room in the bedroom to ensure enough circulation of fresh air. 

3. Remove all electronics in your bedroom

Having electronic devices like cell phones, laptop, TV, tablet, or e-reader in your bedroom is never a good idea. These devices steal all the time that you need to sleep because they are often more engaging. 

A laptop, for instance, emits sleep stealing light that keeps you awake. If you keep watching a movie on your laptop or keep scrolling your smartphone, you won’t have enough time to sleep. So, you should ditch all the electronics out of your bedroom and dedicate the room for sleeping.

4. Switch off the lights 

Lights mimic the natural light that keeps you awake. Therefore, if you want to sleep well, keep your bedroom dark. As soon as you retire to bed, remember to switch off the lights. Also, you can hang some heavy curtains on the windows to block outside light. If you must sleep with your cell phone in the bedroom, you should flip it over with the screen-side down. 

5. Keep the room quiet 

Sleep comes in stages, and any background noise in your bedroom is likely to interrupt your sleep and keep you awake. If your bedroom is close to a noisy neighbor or traffic, you can invest in a sound machine to block unnecessary sound and help you sleep.

Also, if you cannot sleep without listening to music, set a timer to switch off the music when you fall asleep. Always ensure your bedroom is quiet to remove any chances of being woken up when you are asleep.

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot you should do to optimize your bedroom for a comfortable sleep. The most important tip is investing in high-quality beddings that assure you enough comfort for a full night’s sleep. Apply these tips to make your bedroom the perfect place to spend a night.