A fancy word for ‘stopwatch,’ the chronograph is an admirable watch complication that dates back to the rise of pilots, scientists, and racecar drivers whose tasks required high precision and accuracy.

What is a chronograph watch?

The chronograph is perhaps the most sought-after watch complication, yet underutilized and often misunderstood. Typically, a chronograph watch has distinct dials, each keeping track of seconds, minutes, and hours. As such, the chronograph serves many purposes starting from recording race time to how long it takes the muffin to bake or cook. In essence, your chronograph watch acts as a timer!

Filippo Loreti’s Pilot collection features two to three buttons that perform the start, stop, and reset functions. As depicted by the Ascari Rose Gold Blue from Filippo Loreti, you start and stop the chronograph by pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock and reset it with the pusher at 4 o’clock. 

Our chronograph watches are fastidiously curated, considering the sophisticated designs and colors, even the positions of the dials. Whereas some models like the Pilot and Odyssey series have up to three dials, the Ascari collection flaunts two dials – the minute and the hour – at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively. 

Who uses the chronograph watch?

The chronograph complication, for many years, has been used by astronauts, divers, pilots, and soldiers, but also appreciated by men who appreciate the additional functionality, design, and quality presented by it.

Nowadays, the chronograph offers more practical uses, as everyone, regardless of their job, has found some use for it. Tracking exercise routines, cooking times, rides, and walks are the most mundane applications. When you order pizza, press the start button to determine the accuracy of the delivery time. If your profession depends on units of time, law, for example, a chronograph watch will track your billable hours. Most of the Filippo Loreti’s chronograph watches are water-resistant to prescribed depths. So, when you go for a swim, you can wear the Pilot Gulfstream to calculate how long you can hold your breath underwater if you don’t plan to exceed the 50m depth. 

Eventually, your choice will largely depend upon the end-use.

Reasons to purchase a chronograph watch

It cannot be overemphasized; having a chronograph in your watch is desirable. Especially in keeping track of events, the Filippo Loreti chronograph timepieces are perfectly crafted for several purposes. 

  • Tip 1 – In day-to-day activities

Let’s say you have a hectic schedule at work, but you have to meet with your doctor regardless. You can always maximize the time spent during the day to ensure you do not miss any of your appointments. Assuming you plan to spend 20 minutes at the doctor’s, you can use your chronograph to track the time. You can also track intervals spent in traffic and watching commercials, meanwhile keeping an eye on the next meeting. Any of the Ascari and Pilot series from Filippo Loreti is a convenient choice for the working men.

  • Tip 2 – In sports

Just as racers and bikers have found some use for chronographs, you will benefit from them during long walks or exercise routines. Homage to Alberto Ascari, a legendary athlete, the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952, is suitably designed for sports. The Odyssey Diving Collection is the grand choice for swimming activities.

  • Tip 3 – During trips

Flying from Peru to Paris? Try any of the Pilot or Odyssey series to track your flight duration. The same applies to cycles and driving.

  • Tip 4 – In cooking 

New designs of slow cookers suggest just how long you’ll have to wait to cook your meal. If you’ve ever pondered on the degree of accuracy, a chronograph watch can help you keep track of cooking time. A first-time baker using DIY tips from the internet can measure baking progress with a chronograph watch as well. 

  • Tip 5 – In racing

Track how long it takes to cover a specific distance with your chronograph. 

Regardless of the purpose, the chronograph function is used the same way. At the start of the event, you press the start/stop pusher on the side of the watch. If you are wearing the Ascari Rose Gold Blue, for example, the same pusher represents the start and stop function. Press the reset pusher, once the activity is over, to take the time back to zero.

The Filippo Loreti chronograph range is made for YOU

A premium wristwatch brand, Filippo Loreti, is a promise of quality, functionality, and longevity. As displayed by our watch models, every timepiece is a testament of excellent craftsmanship and strict attention to detail. We have introduced the chronograph range across the Ascari, Pilot, and Odyssey models to infuse finesse and sophistication into our existing brand. Our timepieces are adequately optimized for the respective purposes for which the chronograph exists in watches. Since we manufacture our watches in batches, the chronograph range is so-limited because we are a bespoke brand – every design you see has been produced per request. Our Limited Edition chronographs are ideally crafted to foster uniqueness in the Filippo Loreti community. In addition to the chronograph feature, you can also shop a range of water-resistant watches and scratch-proof watches, each with warranties up to 10 years.