5 Top Causes Of Vehicular Accidents Worldwide


Vehicular accidents occur when a vehicle crashes into another car, animal, pedestrian, or object. Worldwide, more than a million people die due to these accidents each year. That’s why many countries make road safety a priority. There are various road safety awareness programs and training given to drivers. Some countries provide severe punishment to those who fail follow road safety laws.  

As a driver, it’s essential to know the different causes of vehicular accidents. You can read more about these causes below and learn more here:  

  1. Distracted Driving 

Distracted drivers can often increase the likelihood of a vehicular accident occurring. Distracted driving is when the driver fails to pay sufficient attention to the road as they’re engaging in several other activities that distract them from the task at hand.  

Distractions are often shown to deteriorate the drivers’ and passengers’ safety, as well as those of other motorists on the road. Although most drivers realize the danger posed by distracted driving, very few receive any traffic citation for their actions. For this reason, distracted driving is an issue that has the highest fatality rate of all driving violations. 

Many times, people tend to lose their focus while driving. This is especially common if they’re tired or stressed out, which can lead to an accident. They may be looking at the road, but they’re not paying attention because they’re thinking of something else. It could also happen when they don’t look at the street or focus on other things in the vehicle, like the radio, or looking for something in their bags or glove compartment.

Other common causes of a distracted driving include using the phone while driving or talking on the cell phone.  

  1. Overspeeding 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an increase in average speed increases the chances of vehicular accidents and the severity of the consequences. For every percent pertaining to an increase in average speed, a four percent increase of vehicular crashes occurs, which can result in fatality.  

Overspeeding is under the road violation of reckless driving. The penalties associated with reckless driving vary, but the penalties will be fairly severe in most instances. For example, in some states, a driver can be forced to perform community service and pay fines. 

A speeding vehicle, when it crashes, can cause severe physical injuries to all parties involved. Head and neck injuries are particularly common, as are those resulting from broken bones or muscle strains. Vehicular crashes can also cause traumatic brain injuries, which can result in lifetime disabilities.  

Car crash dangerous accident on the road.
  1. Driving Under The Influence 

Another common cause of vehicular accidents is driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol. Overintoxication can occur with any quantity of alcohol or any combination of alcohol and drugs. Most people involved in a DUI crash have been consuming some forms of intoxicants at the time of the crash. 

When a police officer sees a vehicle recklessly driving along the road, they stop the driver and perform a test to see if they’re intoxicated. The test consists of visual perception, breathing ability, inability to stand on one’s own, and an ability to move around and sit down.  

  1. Bad Weather Conditions 

Bad weather conditions, like snow and thunderstorms, make the roads wet and slippery. The vehicle’s wheels can lose their traction when the roads are wet, so drivers may not estimate their brakes appropriately when making a stop. When this happens, they can hit other vehicles on the road or pedestrians.  

It’s essential to avoid driving during these harsh weather conditions to keep the road safe. If you need to drive during this weather, ensure that you’re running at a slower speed so you can control your vehicle better.  

  1. Not Following Traffic Signs 

Traffic signs and road rules were introduced to prevent accidents from happening. This is done by changing the behavior of drivers so that they drive carefully and cautiously. This will help reduce the chances of getting into an accident and creating accidents. Traffic signs, like speed limits, traffic lights, and lines on the road, are used to ensure that drivers are going safely, staying in their lanes, and stopping so they won’t collide with other cars.  

Some reckless drivers fail to follow these traffic signs. This may be due to lack of awareness, inexperience, or refusal to follow these signs intently. When you’re driving, it’s essential to follow the road signs. Traffic signs are made to keep everyone on the road safe.  


Severe physical injuries are some of the major consequences of car accidents. As a driver, you must be aware of these common causes of accidents, so you’ll know how to avoid them. Drivers should always be attentive when they’re on the road. They should be mentally and physically healthy to drive, so they don’t cause any accident. It’s also better to drive when the weather is good, and roads aren’t slippery or wet. Lastly, following road and traffic signs is critical to keep everyone on the road safe.