5 Top Tips For The Best Bathroom Design


The perfect bathroom isn’t just designed for function. This is a room where you should be able to lock the door, relax, make yourself beautiful and wash all your cares away.

Here are five ideas to help you create the perfect bathroom and benefit from all of those things in your home…

  1. Accessorise

Unless you are trying to create a minimalist effect, you are going to need some wonderful accessories to complement your bathroom. You may have the best colour scheme in the world but having a random hotchpotch of ill-suited items will spoil the effect.

Take time and look out for the right bathroom essentials in order to create your perfect environment. The design experts at House and Garden offer plenty of accessory inspiration on their website, some mix the old with the new but all of the bathrooms highlight how clever use of accessories can put an individual stamp on this room.

Be careful to avoid clutter, a well-designed bathroom cabinet can hide a multitude of sins, including surplus beauty products. You don’t want to hide your smart accessories under a plethora of old toothbrushes, mascara wands and deodorant bottles.

  1. Selecting your bath

Roll top baths have dominated the scene for some years now and they are still very much in vogue. From boutique hotels in Manhattan to chic getaways in Thailand, no brilliant bathroom would be complete without a fine freestanding roll top bath. If you have the space and the budget, then why not opt for the classic copper bath? You’ll feel like Cleopatra every time you need to cleanse, though asses’ milk is optional.

These baths only work really well in larger bathrooms, if your bathing space is small then plump for something more sensible. Not all freestanding baths come in generous proportions and you can source a smaller fitting that will suit the dimensions of your room.

  1. Getting colour right

Colour is important in any room. Many bathrooms don’t often have natural light or are small in size compared to other rooms in the house so it’s important to choose your décor with care. The website Architecture Art Designs suggests that blue is still one of the most fashionable colours to use when decorating your bathroom. Blue denotes a feeling of wellbeing and calm, which is always to be encouraged. Of course, if your bathroom is small, then a white room with bright accessories will always be on trend. The most famous designers on the planet weren’t restricted by other people’s tastes, they created their own – find your creative side and have fun with colour schemes that you like.

  1. Mirrors are essential

A good mirror in a bathroom is vital. The internationally renowned designer, Philip Starck always juxtaposes his mirrors so that they can reflect natural light from the window. Starck often opts for plain large mirrors with inbuilt electric lights so you can just wave your hand in front of the glass and the accessory will become illuminated. In Starck’s designs the mirror becomes an integral part of the room rather than an additional accessory. It’s an example that can easily be replicated.

  1. Window dressing

You can have colourful curtains or blinds or plain shutters to retain your bathroom privacy. If you have a young family you can easily find some stylish waterproof blinds that’ll match your children’s interests. Try to ensure that your curtains and blinds harmonise with the bathroom rather than dominate it. The most stylish bathrooms across the planet incorporate their window furnishing designs with the rest of their overall décor.

If you live in a secluded spot and your bathroom is upstairs, then why bother with curtains or shutters at all? Some designers allow the view from outside the bathroom to become an extension of the interior feel of the room.