5 Trending Home Decor Upgrade Ideas


Renovating your home and interested in exploring some of the top home decor trends that you could incorporate into your overall scheme?

A few key changes could make the difference between “good” and “great” and add that unique, personalized touch of home comfort that will make your “new” home as livable as it is beautiful.

Here are 5 top trends to consider when giving your home an upgrade:

  1. Floor to Ceiling Windows

An abundance of natural light transforms a room from feeling confined and gloomy to cheerful and free. And nothing accomplishes the desired effect better than one or more floor-to-ceiling windows that can constitute whole walls of the room.

But besides the light flooding in and highlighting all the room’s other interior design details, “whole wall windows” can open up a panoramic, spectacular view. Strategically placed, the view can be breathtaking in both urban and rural settings.

Paint the window borders a darker hue to maximize the impact of the light, integrate with smaller windows, glass divider walls, mirrors, and skylights, and orient the windows towards the sun rise or set for even bolder effects.

  1. Metallic Cable Railings

Railings can do much more than just provide support and protection. Beyond their functional use, they can create a simple yet highly stylish and integrated look. Installing stylish cable railing is a major modern trend – and for good reason.

With cable railings, metal cords (cables) slip through perfectly sized holes in metal rail posts. The cables are tight and sturdy. The metal is durable and corrosion resistant in all types of climates. There is virtually zero maintenance involved!

Metal cable railing creates a streamlined, unified look that complements a wider variety of styles both indoor and out of doors. By staircases, poolside, or bordering decks, balconies, or walkways, these rails are scoring high marks with homeowners and making waves in the home decor industry.

  1. Bolder, Richer Colors

Kitchens in particular, but the whole house really, are now trending in bolder, richer, more diverse colors as compared to in years gone by.

Blander, more neutral hues are being replaced with textured wood tones, deep, earthy reds, browns, and yellows, and a greater diversity of colors both from room to room and within the same room. Stronger contrasts, bold patterns, and natural references are all “in.”

A complementary trend (in kitchen and bath) is the shift from stainless steel and all-white sinks to the “richer” look of copper, concrete, or natural stone.

  1. Ceiling Details

Sometimes, the ceiling gets overlooked when planning a home decorating renovation. But today, people are beginning to put more emphasis on ceiling details and contours.

More and more, “ceiling paper” (versus wallpaper) is in use, sometimes matching or complementing the floor decor. And installation of ready-made ceiling mouldings, shiplap, exposed, rustic-looking wood beams, intricately patterned tiles, or decorative plasters are all also trending.

  1. Large Format Tiling

“Big” tiles are trending for kitchen counters these days. Large format tiling has a sleek, simple, yet stylish look and makes maintenance a snap.

“Subway tiles” are particularly popular, as are slab sized porcelain sheets. Granite, green marble, and a host of other natural stone tops can be had in large or even single piece slabs that cover spacious counters – be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or an outdoor barbecue set up.

As you get ready to renovate, redecorate, and upgrade you indoor and outdoor living spaces in 2018, don’t fail to take note of these 5 and other top trends. You want your home unique and customized to your personal tastes, but you also want to take advantage of what’s worked for others and find a way to make it work for you.