5 Types of Challenge Coins


There are several types of coins which commonly used in the United States of America. Those coins are used for several purposes such as for the Directorate of Security and Defence Cooperation and the U.S. Navy, and many more.

Military Navy Coin

The first fashion coin is known as a military navy blank custom challenge coin. This coin is made of a high-quality zinc alloy and painted by silver. To keep the quality and detail, the process involves a specific technology known as a die casting technology. Commonly, the coin is designed in blank design so people can order it custom. The coin is commonly used for the Directorate of Security and Defence Cooperation soldiers for their patriotic efforts.

Soft Enamel Coin

The specific department such as the U.S. Navy, Antiterrorism and Physical Security Department uses a different type of challenge coin. Those departments used a coin known as soft enamel coin. The special part of this coin is on its 3D and the double-sided design. The coin is also made of high-quality zinc alloy. The different is on the plate in which this soft enamel coin is plated with bronze. Just like the military navy blank coin, the soft enamel coin is also processed by using a die casting technology. The technology keeps the quality and the detail of the coin.

Gold Plate Coin

A coin with a gold plate is the next type of coin. This type of coin is also designed in 3D design. To make it more interesting, the coin is designed in double-sided design. It seems zinc alloy is the best material for a challenge coin due to its durability and quality. This is the reason why the gold challenge coin is also made of high-quality zinc alloy. The material is plated with bronze and then processed by a die casting technology. Mostly, the challenge coin is polished by metal. This coin is also offered in blank so people can order in custom. The gold challenge coin is commonly designed for the U.S. Navy, Antiterrorism and Physical security Department.

Metal Challenge Coin

A metal challenge coin is also an interesting coin to buy. This is due to the antique design and the detail. Unlike the references above, the metal challenge coin can be made of several materials including zinc alloy, copper, or brass. Moreover, the coin is also using several plates such as gold, nickel, and brass. The similarity between this coin and the coins above is the technology to process it in which the coin is processed using a die casting technique. The most interesting is the message behind the coin. There is a handshake, peace, and relationship symbol on the coin. Due to the symbol, the coin is commonly used as a special gift among corps to boost their peace and unity.   

Military Gold Coin

There is also a challenge coin known as a military gold coin. Metal is chosen as the best material to keep its durability. The process involves a die casting technique to keep the detail and design. The embossed color, 3D, and double-sided designs make the coin looks eye-catching to see. Mostly, it is given to those who gave their dedication, support, and patriotism.  

In conclusion, there are at least 5 types of challenge coins. A specific service such as vivipins is ready to produce such kind of coins at an affordable price.