5 Unusual But Classy Wedding Bands for Her


Every bride wants to have their own unique wedding band. The usual method is to get more stones or bigger stones, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These days, jewelers have come up with many new designs that are quite unusual but still classy. We want to share five of these symbolic and eternal wedding bands with you to spark your imagination.


Celtic design


Wedding bands are a symbol of your eternal love, and what better way to show it than the infinite knots so common in Celtic designs? Rings with Celtic knotwork are filled with intricate weavings of metal like this rose gold and 14k white gold example. There are designs that are simpler and more complex than this on the market. They’re great for the woman who doesn’t care much about diamonds or prefers a smooth band.



Vintage design


Whatever is old becomes new again. The jewelry industry often pushes newer designs to new brides, but why not go in the opposite direction and pick something that is truly old? Vintage wedding bands are extraordinarily detailed, with lots of filigree and multiple tiny stones. Take this example of a Venezia lace wedding band. This band is made of 10k white gold with black patina and has 1.15 karats of diamonds in the two borders along the edges. If you like the smoothness of Celtic designs but want something even more intricate, try a vintage wedding band.


Shiny Bands


Sometimes you just want a big rock. Maybe not as big as the Oppenheimer Diamond in the photo, but definitely something to show off. There are plenty of dealers out there that specialize in large stones or in lots and lots of tiny stones. Eternity bands are a good place to start. This ring type uses tiny stones that go all the way around the band to symbolize the eternal bond between married couples. It’s sure to get noticed by your friends and loved ones, and maybe even total strangers.



Laser Etched Bands and Unusual Materials


Do you know what the machine in the photo is? It’s a laser engraving machine.  Laser etching can place a darker design into a lighter one in ways that are far finer than any jeweler’s tool could match. Jewelers also experiment with new alloys for rings such as Serinium. Serinium is a contemporary jewelry alloy that doesn’t tarnish, is extremely resistant to wear, hypoallergenic, and can be cut in an emergency. It’s the choice for ring lovers that don’t want to have to worry about their rings causing trouble down the road.


Unusual Shapes


Finally, there’s a trend for strange shapes by some designers. Take this Ouroboros Ring. The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of infinity made from a snake biting its own tail. Unusual metal designs like these can make a wedding band truly stand out. When was the last time you saw a ring like this? If you have a wild idea for a ring, why not go to a custom jeweler and present your unique ideas? You could walk away with a ring that’s truly original.