5 Useful Tips On How To Get Over A Mental Block While Studying


You are starting an exciting term filled with endless possibilities and are ready to take on the academic year. But, right before a study session, you begin to experience a foggy brain. No matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to muster the motivation to get through the coursework and prepare. 

This is what is called a mental block. A paralyzing feeling where you cannot take action, mental blocks are barriers to one’s productivity and output. While studying, they can appear in multiple ways but always have the same result – the inability to perform and do well in class. 

If you are going through a similar experience, don’t worry, we have a guide for you. Here are five tips on how to get over a mental block in studying in order to achieve the best grades.

Identify the root cause 

Mental blocks can manifest due to a wide range of reasons such as lack of motivation, stress anxiety, and just simply feeling overwhelmed. This is why it is imperative to take a step back and decode why you may be feeling the pressure. 

Often we feel stuck while studying because we are scared of failure. For example, you are unable to write a paper, thinking that you will not score well. That thought is so strong that it inhibits you from even starting the work. You spend endless hours doing research and working around the topic but don’t actually get around to doing it. You could also be experiencing a mental block due to a lack of structure in your study process and routine. It could be many things, but knowing why is important so that you have the right plan to tackle it. 

Take a break 

If you are facing a mental block, we suggest unplugging from your study desk or station and taking a break. Go outside for a walk and catch a breath of fresh air to kickstart your brain. A walk with or without some music is the perfect way to unwind and introspect and think. 

You could also engage in your favorite activity for a complete reset. Doing this will allow your mind and body to feel refreshed and ready to take on the task of finishing a chapter. You will indeed feel a lot more energized as well. 

Transform your study environment 

Our surroundings play a pivotal role in shaping our productivity. The same applies to studying. If you are spending every day in an uninspiring workstation with piles of books, lack of sunlight, and general gloom and doom, the chances are that you are inviting a mental block upon yourself. 

To avoid and break through such a situation, change things up a bit. Try decluttering your space and keeping it as open and airy as possible. Go ahead and put up quotes and posters that inspire you as well as some daily affirmations to keep you moving. On days where you plan to read, you can even step out and change your location to an outdoor park. This will help you switch it up and overcome any mental barriers you may be experiencing. 

Eat and sleep well 

During exams or tests, our physical health suffers the most. We often run on caffeine and junk food as we spend the nights cramming our brains with information. This is not the right approach because what you put in your body manifests itself in many different ways, one of which could be the inability to focus and study well. 

So, in order to overcome a mental block, pay attention to your diet. Eat foods that give you energy throughout the day and avoid sugary snacks and drinks. Also, get a good night’s sleep to give your mind some rest. 

Think positive 

Self-doubt can creep up at the worst of times. You might be experiencing demotivation where you feel that you are not good enough. This is a deadly situation that can be avoided by practicing mindfulness. 

Every time you sense negative energy and thoughts coming towards you, try to first remove yourself from the environment causing it. It could be a peer or even social media that is triggering such thoughts. Once you have done this, replace the negative thoughts with positivity and empowerment and train your mind to think along the lines of success. 

Parting thoughts 

Mental blocks can be a stressful situation for students. They can hinder further development and do significant damage to one’s confidence as well. However, they are a very common occurrence that can be worked around by practicing these tips and tricks as well as by training your minds to think positive.