5 Ways to Make your Kitchen Attract Envious Eyes


For most people, the kitchen is the most homely and intimate room in their house. It is where the food is cooked, the family sits together and eats, and where most heated discussions take place. A stunning kitchen is every woman’s dream; whether they know how to cook or not.
Here are 5 ways to make your kitchen breathtakingly beautiful:


  • Select a Style


It is always wise to pre-select a theme or style for your kitchen to give your kitchen interior designer an idea what exactly you are looking for. . From spacious to retro to intimate to cheery, there are multitude of options available; you can even design yourself if you are a creative person.


  • Buy Good and Modern Equipment


The kitchen’s equipment and utensils are another main aspect of a modern kitchen. It is best to buy contemporary, high-tech and good quality items. The equipment should also be relative to the number of members in the family. Buying a refrigerator that can store food for 10 people when there are only 3 members in your family is a waste of money and space. Similarly, one of the many thoughtful investments would be a wine refrigerator. They are must for both large and small dinner gatherings; you can choose from a variety of different models and designs according to your budget and kitchen style. Other than this, go for metal and brass hardware to have a polished and sophisticated effect.


  • Add Greenery


Plants can add beauty to any monotonous and dull setting. The gorgeous colors give a lived-in and luxurious feel. But take caution and choose appropriate house plants only. Avoid plants that require a lot of sun light, water and fertilizers. A safe bet would be Windowsill Herbs; they are not just beautiful, but also require very little maintenance. They can be placed in small pots in various places such as on the island, shelves or floor.


  • Intimate Lights and Unusual Elements


Lights play a very pivotal role in setting up your kitchen. Bright lights give a very lively ambiance, whereas dull, yellow lights portray a secretive, shady fell. Use unfamiliar light fixtures such as glamorous chandeliers or exquisite lamps (if they complement the theme) to give the kitchen a unique touch. Bookshelves, beautiful vases, intricate trolleys, and exotic floor mats or rugs are just a few unusual elements to start with.


  • The Right Furniture for your Style


Furniture! Ah yes, without it the room would be void and incomplete. Again here, make sure the furniture goes with the theme of your kitchen. If you have chosen the retro theme, pick brown, wooden antique furniture. For pure-white, choose a contrasting color such as black to emphasize on the purity of the color. A very trending item for a stylish kitchen is counter stool. Kitchens that lack space should have counter stools. And in this modern age, even these can be customized to complement the theme.