5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving safely this year


Thanksgiving is the time of the year when all family members, gather to celebrate this amazing holiday and to give their gratitude. Our visits and visitors will be limited in order to maintain the safety protocol, because of the pandemic. This year Thanksgiving will look different for most households. But the most important thing is that we need to stay safe and protect ourselves from the Covid-19.

Many homes will be much quieter this year. That doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate this amazing holiday. Here in this article, we are giving you a few ways to celebrate Thanksgiving safely with your family and friends.

Have a small menu

This year gave us a million situations where we needed to adjust to a ”new normal”. In addition to that, this Thanksgiving table won’t overflow with various foods. Create your menu easily and give it only five items of your favorite dishes. Cook one classic dish, two favorite sides, and two delicious desserts, you will save up money and won’t bring you leftovers the next day.

Thanksgiving brunch

If you are tired of the typical Thanksgiving dinner vibe, make a little change by preparing Thanksgiving brunch instead of dinner. Your menu can consist of easily made dishes like French toast, bacon, omelets, sausages, or a regular thanksgiving menu. You definitely will make your family satisfied, and remember this Thanksgiving brunch.

Take a holiday trip in your house

Since traveling around the world is forbidden until the virus disappears make a foreign dish and bring other countries into your home. Whether you are craving Chinese food, Indian meal, or classic French cuisine, there are plenty of choices to create flavorful menus that will impress your guests and surprise them.

Consider the amount of your bird


Instead of buying a huge turkey this year, consider the number of guests you will have sitting on the table. To save up money, time and space, purchase a small amount of sliced turkey or ham. You can buy turkey breasts or purchase a few pre-cooked turkey cutlets.

Thanksgiving out of the house


There are plenty of ways to get out of your house during Thanksgiving while staying safe during the pandemic. If the weather is in your favor have a picnic outside and enjoy this amazing Holiday. Pack your food in food containers and bring them to the location you choose. Enjoying dinner outside while getting a bit of fresh air is absolutely wonderful. You can go to the nearest parks, rivers, or mountains. If you are celebrating with one person, park your car in front of a scenic location, turn up your heat and eat in the front seat of your car. Another option is to visit someplace you didn’t visit before, pack the dinner, set up some atmosphere, and enjoy the fall sunset. You will have the chance to experience something new with your loved ones and create wonderful Thanksgiving memories.