5 Ways to Use Your Pizza Oven


Are you reluctant to invest in a pizza oven because you think it only serves one purpose? If so, you are not alone; even die-hard pizza lovers won’t eat it every day.  

Because of its expensive cost, many people usually want to make the most of their pizza ovens. Fortunately, modern ovens are versatile, allowing you to prepare many other foods besides pizza. 

Here are five different ways of using your pizza oven perfetcly.

Baking Pizza

As the name suggests, the primary function of a pizza oven is baking pizza. Consider the freshness and the savoury taste of pizza baked using wood fire ovens; it matches the tastiness of the pizza you find in authentic Italian restaurants. By investing in an oven, you can start making these tasty treats at home for your family. 

Roasting Vegetables

If you are looking for a new way to prepare your veggies, consider using a pizza oven. The good thing about this method is that it is straightforward. All you have to do is chop the greens, place them in an ovenproof tray, add a little olive oil, and put them in your pizza oven. The result is some delectable vegetables with a tinge of smokiness. Some of the veggies you can cook using a pizza oven are capsicum, asparagus, corn, and jacket potatoes.

Baking Bread

Nothing is as tasty as freshly cooked bread. Prepare your dough normally and then pre-heat your oven. Ensure that you heat the wood for a few hours before placing your dough in the oven. When the temperature is right, put your dough in the oven, relax and wait for your bread.

Cooking Fish and Seafood

As unrelated as it seems, you can cook fish and seafood using your pizza oven. Once the oven is heated properly, you can place a whole fish inside it. For the best results, place the fish on a tray or wire rack, then add herbs and spices to taste. You can also cook other seafood like crabs and prawns using a similar method. 

Preparing Dessert

If you have a home party or feel like treating yourself, you can use your pizza oven for making dessert. Like other foods, you need to heat it for a while to get the best results. Once the temperature reaches the required levels, prepare your favourite dessert. 

Heat Control

When using wood-burning ovens, it can be challenging to regulate temperature. The oven also has cold and hot spots, meaning that you have to be careful when cooking. That said, you can use innovative methods like double pans to control the amount of heat generated. 

The best way to regulate heat is by investing in a conveyor oven. Conveyors allow you to cook anything, provided it doesn’t exceed the set height.


If you are planning to purchase a pizza oven, do it because these appliances are versatile. Besides enabling you to prepare high-quality pizzas, you can use them for baking, prep veggies and cooking seafood, etc.