5 Web Design Trends in 2017 Worth Knowing


Are you ready to refresh your website? This is a good time to take a hard look at the existing design of your site – or even new projects – and find out ways how you can integrate some of the latest and popular trends into the framework. From pop-out menusand hidden navigationto split screen and wearables, 2017 is a year full of new visual concepts and ideas to explore. Take a look below at some of the designs that are already keeping the web designers busy.

# Pop-out Menus and Hidden Navigation

At present, browsing on hand-held devices has become much more widespread than on desktops. This is the reason why screen space is considered a valuable commodity. By hiding menus and features until they are needed, you will be able to free up screen space. The freed space can be used for interesting elements, such as videos or images and create a more minimalist, sleeker design to make it easier for viewers to focus. Moreover, hidden navigation helps to enhance the user-experience for devices that feature large screens. It is also recommended that you use a single-color overlay or background for your pop-out menus so that distractions can be minimized.

# Wearable-inspired Designs

Just as desktop design is influenced by mobile browsing, web design, as a whole too, is being affected by wearables. As the sale of wearables has increased at an exponential rate, it can be safely said that users are extremely appreciative of the streamlined UI style. Web designers are working hard towards bringing the same experience on other devices. By adopting minimalist principles of design, it is seen that browsing can be made faster. The influence of wearables can be majorly seen in self-contained cards or containers and SVG icons that lead to better scannability on large screens. For an in-depth insight into how to include wearable design in website aesthetics, talk to professionals who have been in marketing since 2007.

# Split Screen

Split screen basically refers to designing your site with 2 separate and self-contained cards. This type of design will allow you to bring more variety into your content. You will be able to use one part of the screen to attract attention and the other for the navigation menu. One part of the screen may only contain images, taglines and so on. This layout will help create a natural visual hierarchy.

# VR or Virtual Reality

In 2017, virtual reality is the most talked-about design element. Not only is this technology being used in gaming, but it has extended to other applications also. How can you implement VR into web design? One way is by including 360-degree video and other such interactive elements that exhibit a three-dimensional effect.

# Use of More Video

Even though the use of videos is already a well-established trend, the necessity of incorporating them into your web design goes a notch higher this year. People enjoy watching well-made videos with sound and music. If reports are to be believed, they even bring a lot more traffic.

The above-mentioned should be enough to give you the visual inspiration you were looking for. Get started!