5 Wedding Do’s and Don’ts



If you’ve got many friends, and you’ve attended quite a few weddings, then you’ve undoubtedly seen some cringe-worthy displays of poor etiquette, or innocent mistakes. A wedding is the definition of a formal affair, and with emotions running high, it can be a chore to get through one “unscathed” – but there’s no reason why this shouldn’t happen. With this short list of rules, the only thing a bride should have to worry about is making sure her dress is unblemished and fits well.

  1. Get a Great Dress That You Can Afford

A wedding is usually a once-in-a-lifetime thing, right? There’s no reason to break the bank – make sure you get what you want, and be ready to compromise as the tally gets larger. The special day is more about a celebration of the intangible; not a celebration of your apparel. This is where Azazie wedding dresses can help; the huge selection guarantees that you can find your perfect fit and color scheme at a range of carefully-selected prices.

  1. Make Sure to Have a Professional Photographer

These are memories that you never want to forget – do not leave the picture and video-taking aspects of your wedding to the hands of an amateur. If you’re the bride, and your father will be walking you down the aisle, you’ll always want to remember that vision of the special bond between father-and-daughter.


And don’t forget the first dance with the groom, and the happiness plastered on the faces of all your treasured guests. There will be days in the coming years when husband and wife revisit these moments – and they should be preserved with the excellent video quality that’s the hallmark of a professional.

  1. Be Generous with the Bar and Food

Believe it or not, some brides and grooms actually make their guests pay for refreshments. This is always a bad idea – they’re your treasured guests, which mean they’re close to you and here for a celebration of your future together.


Don’t make them reach into their pockets to get a drink at your cash bar; they’ve already spent money on transportation and are offering you their time without complaint. They are witnesses; and they should be treated with grace and hospitality. Include the costs of refreshments and food in the cost you’re paying for the wedding overall.

  1. Be Flexible with the Music

This is an often overlooked part of the wedding – because everyone wants to simply hand their playlist of favorite tunes over to the band or DJ. It’s much better to hire a professional; the reason is that they are very skilled at reading the dance floor and playing music with a wide appeal. Of course, you should choose the music to which the bride and groom wish to dance. A good DJ or band will know when to fade the music out as you dance, to ensure you’re not out there too long.

  1. Remember – The Wedding is a Single-Day Event


Yes; but what does this mean? Well, it means that, as important as the wedding is, what matters is the life you’re going to share with your partner. Take care not to lose sight of that; if you have mounting bills as a result of poor planning for the wedding, that’s going to affect the aftermath of your liaison – so plan ahead, and stick to the plan. You’ll be alone together soon enough, and get to bask in the mutual glow of your new, shared life.


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