5 Wedding Reception Trends Taking the World by Storm


For all of you lucky couples currently in the midst of wedding planning, there are bound to be some ups and downs. Things will go wrong, you won’t always get exactly what you want, and compromises may have to be made, but it’s all part of the adventure. If you can plan the biggest day of your lives together, you can pretty much do anything, so it’s a great start to a promising future.


While not all brides are interested in wedding trends, most like to keep a close eye on designs, ideas, and inspiration from around the globe. You might be keen to follow in the footsteps of your favourite celebrity. Or, you might be looking to throw a vintage bash and need some creative tips and tricks. Whatever obstacle or challenge you might run into, you can guarantee that scores of brides have already found their own unique ways around it, so turning to popular wedding trends is a good place to start.     


This guide to some of the hottest trends of 2016 will help you throw a wedding reception to remember.


  1.  Taking Advantage of Vertical Space

Every year, more and more brides are thinking in three dimensions. So, instead of limiting their plans to table decorations and seatbacks, they’re using bright colours and beautiful accessories to create vertical spaces. This is particularly effective for photo backdrops, so pick up some metallic streamers and make yourself a cute little hideaway.


  1. Using Light Up Letters to Spell It Out

Light up letters are hugely popular right now, because they are an affordable way to make a big impact. They are easy to use and can be arranged to spell out pretty much any message that you like. Most couples go for something simple like their names and the date, but you can get creative if you’re feeling bold. How about a lyric from your first dance song or the name of the place where you first met?


  1. Hosting an Intimate Reception

Just because Kim Kardashian invited half of Hollywood to her wedding, it doesn’t mean that you have to. And, the trend for smaller receptions is really taking off with celebrities at the moment. Gone are the sprawling guest lists, in place of intimate and personal parties. With fewer people to meet and greet, you’ll be able to spend more time with the friends and family who helped make your day special.


  1. Floral Print Wedding Dresses

Yes, that’s right, floral print wedding dresses are all the rage right now. They first started appearing on the runways late last year and they have become a bit hit with brides looking for something unique. Ultimately, this is your special day, so there are no rules except the ones that you make yourself. If a white gown feels uninspired or just not you, switch things up and choose something a little livelier.


  1. Practical Gift Registries

These days, it is quite common for couples to draw up a list of suggested gift ideas. This is called a registry and it helps to eliminate waste. In other words, it lowers the chance of you being given three sets of the exact same glassware. However, rather than asking for traditional domestic items (most of which are already in the home), many couples are now thinking outside of the box. They’re swapping china for backpacking equipment, blenders for board games, and butter dishes for throws and area rugs.    


Why the Little Things Mean a Lot for Your Wedding

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, it is easy to forget that the smallest details often make the biggest impact. Most people don’t mind if you’re not throwing your reception in a stately home. They don’t care if your guest list isn’t three pages long.


They see the intimate, personal details; the light up letters at the entrance, the tiny hearts on the dinner tables, the old photo booth shots of you on the walls. So, don’t be afraid to dream big on your special day, but don’t underestimate the power of the little things either.