6 Beauty Essentials for the New Year


Many people’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around feeling more attractive and confident as they enter the new year. New year, new me is a popular phrase for a reason. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to drop bad habits, hit the gym more, or be a more confident version of yourself, chances are beauty items will play a role in your resolution. Whether you need to revamp your entire makeup bag or just looking for additions that can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself, keep reading for the biggest beauty essentials to carry into the new year with you.

Strip Lashes

For years, eyelash extensions were the gold standard for waking up with flawless eyelashes daily. But, aside from their tremendous expense and time commitment, some people develop unwanted side effects from lash extensions. Strip lashes have entered the chat and have come a long way from the cumbersome strips of yesteryear. A quick online search will reveal many reputable companies with lashes that are easy to apply and last through many uses.

Curl Mousse

Another trend that we’re leaving in the past is straight hair! Thankfully women are embracing their beautiful, natural curls and wearing their hair confidently. Curly hair, aside from being beautiful, can feel like a lot to maintain, especially if you’re not used to caring for your curls. While you should invest in a diffuser for hair-drying, hair picks, and other curling items, quality curl mousse is essential to rocking your natural hair confidently. The best thing about curl mousses is they don’t come with the same learning curve that other curly hair tools do. Scrunch in, and you’re good to go!

CC Creams

We are committed to embracing our natural selves today and through the new year, so ditch the heavy foundation and opt for a beautiful CC cream instead. CC creams are fantastic because they don’t have the weight of a traditional foundation, and they let some of your blemishes shine through; after all, human beings have texture and minor skin issues. You can still use a concealer in problem areas and a setting spray, but a CC cream is all you need.

Lash Growth Serum 

Whether you’re using false lashes this new year or not, investing in a high-quality lash growth serum will pay for itself in spades this year and for the rest of your life. Natural, lush, long, and thick lashes are something everyone wants, and they’re easier than ever to achieve with the serums on the market. Swab on your lash line every night before bed and watch as you have the lashes of your dreams in no time.

All Primers 

Primers are essential for laying the foundation for beautiful makeup applications. Start today if you still need to use a primer between your moisturizers and serums in your makeup! They give a flawless application and finish for anything that you layer on top of them. There are also primers available that can neutralize redness on your skin, tighten pores, and any other skin issues you’d like to target. Lastly, primers are a quick and easy way to ensure you’re putting on SPF every day, year-round. Eyelash primers are also fantastic for creating a base to avoid clumping and drying, or flaking your mascara.

Photo Filters

Though a photo filter may not be seen as a beauty essential, let’s leave them in last year as we head into the new year. Filters on photos are problematic not only for the people who use them but for others who view them. In fact, some countries have banned the use of filters in advertising, marketing, and on certain social media platforms. Some food for thought this new year.

Taking care of your skin, hair and makeup are essential to feeling confident and putting your best foot forward every day. By adding the above beauty essentials to your hair and makeup routines, you can head into this new year as your natural, authentic self and feel fantastic about it. We are all beautiful and worthy of love, especially self-love. So instead of “new year, new me,” how about we say new year, best me? Cheers!