6 Best Inspirations to Use Your Platner Side Table


The Platner side table is part of Warren Platner’s iconic midcentury modern furniture collection. Its wire body and solid top are timeless in their beauty. Although the original was designed back in 1966, the high demand and gorgeous looks of this table have made it perfectly primed for contemporary home interiors as well. Here are 6 best inspirations for you to use this table in your own homes:

  • Accentuating the colors

You can do a lot of accentuation thanks to the metal finish of the wire structure that the Platner side table is made out of. Its understated glint, artful arrangement, and symmetrical design can bring out the best in whatever it’s placed next to. It could be an animal print area rug, a solid colored sofa upholstery, or even just a plain old wall or a wingback chair. No matter what you pair it up with, this side table would definitely complement it beautifully.

  • Artistic nightstand

If you’re not into the concept of typical bedroom nightstands, then you’ll definitely appreciate using the Platner side table as an alternative. Its charming, charismatic appeal and agelessly modern looks would imbue your bedroom with a trendy outlook. Plus, there would be less room for useless clutter to be piled on due to its simple aesthetic. You can just place a statement centerpiece on its surface and it would be enough.

  • Sofa side table

Of course, the intended and most common use of the Platner side table is setting it by your living room couch. It’s got that ‘full-stop’ appeal that is decorative yet simple enough to complement your sofas with just its presence. However, you can go the extra mile by using interesting accompaniments such as oversized indoor planters and sculptural décor pieces to make it feel even more charismatic.

  • By an accent chair

Using accent chairs is the trendiest trend within contemporary home interiors these days, but you know what? A solitary accent chair just looks boring on its own. But when you pair it up with a sleek, attractive end table such as the Platner side table, it feels totally holistic. You don’t even have to put extra effort in decorating its top. Just pairing the two essential furniture pieces is enough.

  • Within a reading nook

Many homes have personal spaces that consist of comfortable arm chairs. Most of these need some artistic accompaniment or the whole space looks very incomplete. So, if you’ve got a personalized nook or alcove in your homes, then you can complement the seating with the Platner side table. You can put beautiful trinkets and baubles along with books and other things that you’d need on its top.

  • As purely decorative

It’s absolutely imperative to know that the Platner side table has been designed in an expressionist fashion while retaining its modern essence.  So, if you want to use it in a purely decorative capacity, you sure can. In fact, you can take inspiration from this image if you don’t know where to begin.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use the Platner side table in your home interiors. It’s a great piece of furniture to accentuate, enhance, and complement your surroundings with creativity and detail.