6 Best Welding Helmet the Money Can Buy


Buying a good welding helmet can be a one-time investment, but only if you choose wisely. It would be used in lots of projects like in improving your kitchen, giving your front porch a makeover and so on. Today, we will discuss some of the top welding helmets that money can buy.

3M Speedglas 9100xx

With a huge lens and two side windows fixed on shade 5, the 3M Speedglas 9100xx offers a visual experience unlike any other welding helmet. The hood’s 3 aerodynamic exhaust vents prevent your helmet from fogging up and decrease humidity. This helmet has 3 arc sensors and a grind and torch mode. The Speedglas 9100xx is very comfortable to wear. Additionally, 3M provides customization services for the perfect fit. The Speedglas 9100xx only costs $389.

Miller Digital Elite

Miller is well-known for its comfortable headgear and this welding helmet is no exception weighing only 18 ounces. It also features 4 of Miller’s signature modes: weld, cut, grind and X-mode. The Digital Elite is an auto darkening helmet with 4 sensors that can detect an arc in only .00005 seconds. For just $304, you can get the Miller Digital Elite.

Lincoln Viking 3350

The Viking 3350 uses a 4C lens to provide you with an extra wide view and complete visual clarity that helps ease eye strain. The 4 arc sensors detect the arc in 0.00004 seconds, decreasing flash dangers. This welding helmet is powered by solar rechargeable batteries and has a low battery indicator. Thanks to its pivot style that helps it balancing itself, and decreases your neck pain, so you can work comfortably. The price of the Viking 3350 is only $235.

Antra AH6-660-0000

If you are on a budget, the Antra AH6-660-0000 is the perfect welding helmet the money can buy. With wider than average viewing area and above average optical clarity, this helmet gives you added value for the price you gave paid. It also features 4 arc sensors that detect an arc in .00004 seconds, which is better than other helmets in the same price range. It only weighs 15 ounces, allowing you to weld with comfort. The AH6-660-0000 also comes with a magnifying lens and 6 replacement lenses. This helmet only costs $79.95.

Hobart 770756 Impact

If you are looking for the best welding helmet under $150 (precisely $125), the Hobart 220256 Impact can be a good option. It ensures a comfortable welding experience with a decent viewing area. The Hobart 770756 may not have all the fancy features you can find in expensive helmets, but it does what it is supposed to do – protect your face. It also features a grind mode, which adjusts the lens while grinding.

Sentinel A50 Air Helmet

You can also check the ideal solution for confined space welding: the Sentinel A 50 Air Helmet. It has revolutionary shell design and crystal clear true color visibility.

Memory – 8 location storage

Low amperage TIG rated ≥2amp (DC) (AC)

Halo™ Headgear: Ergonomic, infinitely-adjustable 5 point headgear provides extreme comfort and balance

Low-profile design, central pivot point allows for maximum head clearance while the helmet is in the up position

Hard coated Anti-Scratch front cover lens (clear/amber)

Externally activated Grind button. (Shade 3 grind mode)

Miller 251292 Classic Series

The Miller 251292 is an excellent choice within the $100 price range. With an adequate viewing area and low lens clarity which is by the way on par with helmets of a higher price range, the Miller 251292 is an above average helmet for a below average price. Its two arc sensors can detect an arc within .0001 seconds. The lightweight, comfortable hood only weighs 16 ounces, so it is easier for you to use it for hours on end without getting tired.

Finding a welding helmet that comes within your budget needs prudence. Follow our advice on how to choose the best welding helmet and you will soon find a durable helmet.