6 Brilliant Tips Of How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink


The kitchen should be kept clean all the time. And for that purpose you will of course need some cleaning supplies and tools which you usually keep under the sink. This space can get messy in no time and can look like place for lost products. So, it is really important to have it organized in the right way. And for that purpose, today we would like to give 6 Brilliant Tips Of How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink which we are sure you will find very useful. So, keep on scrolling to find them out!

Get Some Plastic Drawers, Baskets or Trays

Well, since you all have too many cleaning bottles, sponges, cleaning towels and other tools, it is better to keep them organized. Some plastic drawers, baskets or trays can be perfect storage solution. You can find them at the local Dollar Store at some really affordable prices.

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Make An Extra Storage Space With A Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a great alternative to the plastic drawers, baskets or trays. It will double the space under the sink for sure. And since it is rotating, you won’t need to move 9 different spray bottles just to get some extra sponge or towel from behind.

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Use The Space On The Cabinet Door

In order to get the most of the space available, you should not forget about the space on the cabinet door. Add some wire baskets or racks and store versatile items over there.

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DIY Trash Bags On Roll

We often store trash bags under the kitchen sink and most of us face the tiny problem of keeping the rolls together or within reach. So, you may try to make a trash bag organizer. Get some wooden dowel and curtain rod hardware and mount it to the inside of the cabinet or maybe to the back of the cabinet door.

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Use Some Command Hooks

Command hooks can be of great help in organizing under the kitchen sink. Mount them on the inside of the cabinet or on the back of the cabinet door and hang some of the cleaning tools.

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Wrangle Spray Bottle On Tension Rods

If you install some tension rod inside the cabinet you can use it to wrangle the spray bottles on it. This will provide some extra storage space on the bottom. Or besides on the inside, you can also add a tension rod on the back of the cabinet door.

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under the kitchen sink
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The above tips are the best ones for organizing the stuff under the kitchen sink and we are sure that you found them really useful. Tell us in the comments if you have some other organization tip to share with your friends. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other hacks, tips and tricks that will make your life easier.