6 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid Every Time You Design A Room


The aesthetic value of a good interior design to a home can never be underestimated. The fact of the matter is you are more likely to enjoy living in a house that is designed well. Good interior design also increases the value of the property as potential buyers will be attracted to the house should the current owners want to sell the home soon.

That said, separating good interior design from the bad is a highly subjective debate. What works for one person may not look great in the eyes of another. There are, however, universal design principles that the best interior designers in the world agree on. This is so that mistakes are not done frequently by homeowners with their interior design.

The following are six of the most common interior designs that homeowners should be reminded to avoid at all costs:

  1. Painting The Room First

One of the most common mistakes that are committed in relation to interior design is painting the room before buying the room fabric and textiles. Why is this so? Paint can be ridiculously difficult to do again if you realize that the fabric that you bought does not match it. At least, when you already have the textile with you, you just have to pick the paint that suits it.

  1. Putting Too Much Lighting

Of course, lighting is an essential component of interior design. It is notoriously one of the things that are most difficult to perfect in decorating a home’s interiors. What homeowners need to remember is that it would be better to have adjustable lighting. You do not want the light to be too dim as it may look distressing while having the light too bright may also make the room look clinical. Adjustable lighting presents an advantage because you can change the lighting depending on your mood and needs.

  1. Insisting To Put Antique Furniture

Do not pressure yourself to put antique furniture in your home. Antique furniture does not always work with every interior design. The antique furniture may have family history but if it does not fit in the current look of your house, you are really better off without it. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

  1. Hanging Artwork Everywhere

Yes, artwork will improve any room so it is understandable for homeowners to have the urge to hang artwork in every inch of the wall. This, however, is not advisable. The key to having a gallery-like home would be the proper hanging and placement of this artwork. This is where you will have to experiment to get the best look possible.

  1. Buying Too Many Throw Pillows

Do not be carried away by your desire to have more throw pillows on your couch. The couch is made for sitting so there should be a lot of space for people. Limit them to a maximum of three as they can be quite an eyesore when they are too many.

  1. Prioritizing Design Over Personality

What homeowners may not have realized yet is that good interior design is really a marriage between character and aesthetics. No matter how pleasing the design is, it will look lifeless if there is no personality injected to it. The design of the room must strike a delicate balance between these two.

How the home looks should reflect both good design and the owner’s personality. It is important that these two values are reflected evenly in the interior design of your home. The mistakes happen when we overdo some things. The golden rule here is that when there is doubt, talk to an interior designing professional and consult them on what best to do.


Amateur designers will always make some mistakes. If you are an amateur interior designer, just make sure you avoid the above mentioned mistakes. If you do not take any risk of designing a room, you can simply hire a professional interior designer and save your time, efforts and money. If you are from California, you can check out one of the best Hollywood interior designers.  Professional interior designers can create incredible designs without charging you big bucks. Their skills, experience and professional connections with interior design material providers make huge difference.

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