6 Common Mistakes To Avoid For New Vapers


For the newbies to vaping, it may seem like there’s a lot to learn. It can easily become overwhelming with hundreds of devices to choose from, thousands of vape liquids to consider, and lots of vaping terms that most non-vapers will never hear of. 

That said, when picking up a new hobby or lifestyle like vaping, it’s normal to expect a bit of trial and error to know what works for you. After all, it’s a learning process. However, there are some common mistakes that almost all new vapers tend to make. This article shares these mistakes to help you start your vaping journey more smoothly. 

  1. Starting With Complicated Devices

Perhaps the biggest mistake more newbie vapers make is investing in a high-end vape mod immediately. Even if you have the budget to buy the vape device you want, buying a complex vape mod with all the bells and whistles is just a waste of money and may even disrupt your experience. You may not know how to operate or use the device to its full potential, causing an unpleasant experience. 

When you start vaping, especially if you’re trying to quit smoking, you want to start with a simple, easy-to-use device like fume disposables and vape pens. These types of vape devices tend to operate and draw similar that of smoking. In addition, they are portable and provide the same satisfaction as traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Once you’re used to the vaping experience, you can upgrade your knowledge and skills to select a device that allows for greater customization. 

  1. Buying The Wrong Nicotine Level

Another common mistake amateur vapers make, especially those transitioning from tobacco smoking, is choosing the wrong nicotine level. 

Choosing a nicotine level that’s too low can make you feel unsatisfied and more likely to go back to tobacco smoking to get your nicotine fix. In contrast, choosing a too-high nicotine level may cause an overdose and increase your craving. It can also ruin your vaping experience and put it off altogether. 

The right nicotine level for you will depend on the number of tobacco cigarettes you used to smoke. Consider experimenting and start small, working your way up as needed. 

  1. Choosing The Wrong Juice Flavor

As mentioned before, there are thousands of e-liquids on the market today. And choosing the right one to start your vaping journey can be overwhelming. There are juices with a Choco flavor and purely tobacco-tasting juice. In addition, there are also unconventional e-liquid flavors like tasty roasted chicken and even garlic flavor. 

Choosing the wrong one can quickly dampen your first try at vaping. So, consider opting for the more well-known flavors instead of trying your hands on odd juices. You can also ask your local vape supplier for recommendations on their best-selling or newbie-friendly juices. 

  1. Vaping Like A Smoker

Smokers tend to take small, short hits with traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, doing this with vaping can’t give you the impact and flavor you want. With vaping, you need to take a long, soft, and slow inhale, then blow out a cloud of vapor to get a satisfying hit and taste the flavor from your e-liquid. 

  1. Trying To Blend Different Flavors

Mixing different flavors can be fun. But it’s not that simple. Acquiring blending tips from the internet may seem easy, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get good results. After all, your taste will differ from that YouTuber who teaches how to mix DIY e-juice. You may end up having a nasty-tasting flavor, thus wasting your time and e-juice. 

So, consider sticking with ready-made e-juices for now. If you want a unique taste, consider leaving the mixing to the professionals until you have enough knowledge and experience in mixing it on your own. 

  1. Not Changing Coils

Most vaping amateurs keep on hitting away at the same coil and wonder why their clouds start to taste like trash. Coils are meant to be replaced. As coils age, they build up gunk over time, creating the unpleasant flavor and burnt taste of your e-liquids. 

Be sure to replace your vape coils frequently and thoroughly clean your tanks. In general, you’ll have to change the coils every few weeks, particularly if you puff several times a day. This way, you can ensure that every inhale is fresh, and you can taste the flavor of the liquid you bought, instead of a metallic taste. 


Whether you want to stop smoking tobacco or just want to know what the hype is all about, the world of vaping is truly an exciting one. That said, avoid the mistakes mentioned above during your initial foray into the vaping world, ensuring that you’re starting on the right foot and having a pleasant experience.