6 Customizable Gifts Everyone Will Love


Trying to figure out the perfect gift to give someone special can be difficult because you want it to be something they will love and use, but you also want it to have a special meaning. Sometimes, you find a great gift, but it feels too impersonal. 

The best way to make a gift unique and add some extra meaning is by getting it engraved or customized for the recipient. Jewelry like gold chains or a nameplate bracelet are common gifts to give your significant other, or you can opt for something more silly like custom socks or other clothing items. Determine what kind of gift you’re looking for, consider the person you’re giving it to, and assess the occasion—does it call for something funny or something a bit more serious? Then check out some of these great ideas on how to get the item customized. 

  1. Socks or Clothing Items

If you’re looking for a silly gift to customize and surprise your friend or family member, there are dozens of places that will create socks featuring your friend’s face, an image of their dog or cat, or basically anything else you want. Maybe your friend is always wearing silly socks and you want to surprise him or her with their very own custom pair. 

This is a great gift idea because it’s totally unexpected (who ever thinks they’re going to get a pair of socks with their dog’s face on it?), it’s funny and will get a laugh out of the recipient, and it’s customized specifically for that person. No one else in the world will have those socks. Hopefully, at least. 

There are other ways you can customize clothing as well. If your friend or family member loves to cook, why not buy them a new apron with a specific message or their name on the front? They will love that you tried to incorporate their interest and make it special just for them.

  1. Jewelry

Depending on the type of gift you’re looking for, jewelry may be the perfect idea. Usually, people give jewelry for a very big occasion because it is a more expensive gift than other options, so, if your significant other has accomplished something big, look into gold chain styles that might suit him or her. 

You can customize jewelry in several ways: Order a specific style (i.e., customize the length, width, and pendant), or get a piece of jewelry engraved with the person’s name. These aren’t the only way to give jewelry a deeper meaning—you can also purchase a piece that features a specific gemstone that means something to the recipient or which features a symbol that is special to that person.

  1. Blankets or Pillows

People love to display images of their friends, family, and pets, so what better way to help them decorate their home than by buying a completely customized pillow or blanket featuring their very own photos? This type of present can be serious or silly, depending on the type of photos you choose to add, so be sure to determine which one you’re going for before you start designing the item. Check specific requirements on photograph sizes and resolution before you order to guarantee that the photo will look crystal-clear once printed.

  1. Scrapbook or Photobook

For anyone who wants to make a truly personal gift, creating a scrapbook of memories is a really meaningful way to show someone how much you care about them and cherish your time together. Gather photos of you both that you really love and take the time to arrange them in a way that makes sense to you. You can add in writing about your memories together and describe the photos or simply let the images speak for themselves. 

Either way, your friend or family member just may tear up when they see your gift. Making something by hand gives an extra-special element to the gift because it shows that you put a lot of your own time and effort into creating the item.

  1. Fancy Pen or Desk Plate

A pen may sound like kind of a lame gift, at first, but it’s a very classy idea for certain occasions—namely, graduations or a new career change. You can browse online for expensive fountain pens made by reputable companies like Montblanc or Cross, and then request to have it customized with the recipient’s name, date of graduation, or any other kind of meaningful inscription. This item is a symbol of success and a great way to honor your friend or family member’s hard work and dedication.

  1. Cutting Board or Kitchen Accessories

For the friend who’s always hosting or who loves to cook, there are dozens of great kitchen items that can be customized. Many of these items double as a decoration and a functional item, such as personalized cutting boards or cheese boards. Typically, these items are decorated with a person’s last name and, if they live with their family, the date of their wedding or the name of their children and spouse, but you can get as creative as you’d like with these gifts. 

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys DIY projects, you can even try making a basic cheese board on your own and paint it yourself.

Make Someone Feel Special with a Custom Gift

Nothing is more special than receiving a gift that someone has personalized for you, whether they made it by hand or requested it to be customized. These types of gifts show that you went above and beyond to make sure that the gift was only for that specific person. 

If you’re looking for a more serious and valuable gift like gold chains or other jewelry, you can find pieces that are perfect for engraving and get the recipient’s name or initials engraved. For a funny gift, try ordering customized socks with a silly picture on the front. Finally, if you’re looking for functional gifts, there are plenty of ways to personalize gifts like kitchen accessories that your friend will actually use and always think of you when reaching for it. 

Before investing in a customized gift, decide what the gift is for and how you best want to represent the person through the gift. We guarantee they’ll be excited when they see the level of care and effort you put into it.