6 Good Reasons to Choose Glamping Over Camping


Glamping – glamorous camping – is a variation of the traditional style of camping. It incorporates all the modern facilities you could ask for with the old school form of camping. And if you are not familiar with it, here are six reasons why you might prefer glamping over camping.

#1 Best Place to Start for Inexperienced Campers

You will instantly fall in love with the idea of glamping if you are an inexperienced or first-time camper. Unlike regular camping trips, glamping will not put you through any of the difficulties of the adventure. You can simply book yourself a trip, select the options or amenities you would like, and you are good to go. Everything will be ready for you there by the time you reach.

Many experienced campers might find this to be an abomination of the traditional type of camping. However, it is merely an improvement to that style. Glamping offers a whole different kind of camping experience. And fans of the traditional style of camping would have enjoyed it as well if they gave glamping a chance.

#2 Bad Weather is Not a Problem

Camping in bad weather can often turn into a game of survival. It is not only dangerous but also ruins the fun of camping. And while some people can find joy in that as well, a lot of people will feel miserable.

The weather does not matter in glamping. When the going gets tough in your tents, you can move to your cabin or a concrete building. Then, once the weather has passed, you can go back to your campsite and continue where you had left off. 

#3 Offers Some Unique Outdoor Activities

A regular camping trip offers different outdoor activities. You can participate in activities like rock climbing, hiking, swimming, different types of outdoor sports, and so on. This list, however, is almost the same at every campsite you visit. Glamping, however, offers a lot more. There are even activities you will never find on a regular camping trip.

Some glamping sites have safari parks while others have the option to go horse riding. There are also more outdoor sports for you to partake in. You can even enjoy different board and arcade games. A few glamping sites even have gaming consoles. The options, thus, are endless. And you will always find an activity that fits your tastes perfectly. 

#4 You Will Have All the Comforts of Home

A lot of people are not at all interested in the idea of camping. They do not like being away from the comfort of their homes. Glamping, for them, is an opportunity to indulge in camping and the fun that comes along with it.

From a luxurious cabin or tent to proper bathroom facilities, glamping will provide you with all the conveniences of your home. It is arguably the best style of outdoor camping if you are not that fond of staying in a tent. Here, you can explore the nature around you and have all the comforts of your home at the same time.

#5 You Will Still Be Close to Nature

A glamping site is usually located on large private lands. For example, the Montana glamping resort at Paws Up is situated on thirty-seven thousand acres of open land. Most glamping resorts have beautiful open fields, lakes, lots of greenery, and so on. That means you can stay close to nature even while enjoying all the facilities of a modern-day hotel. The night sky is just as beautiful at a glamping spot as it is at an ordinary campsite. Glamping does not take you away from nature. It simply helps you enjoy it more comfortably.

#6 Glamping Gives You More Time to Relax

It should be pretty clear by now that you do not have to do much on a glamping trip. The tents, food, and all the other facilities are pre-arranged for you. Even the campfire will be made for you if you ask for it. That gives you more time to spend on the different activities over there. You can relax your mind and body, and enjoy the peace and serenity around you.

So what are you waiting for? Give glamping a chance if you get the opportunity. It is an experience like no other. And once you give it a shot, you will not regret it.